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Indian Logistics Industry: Solution to the Challenges

Challenges beget innovation and change. The same holds true for the logistics industry. There has been a significant amount of technology adoption alongside a changing regulatory environment, improved infrastructure, and the resultant elimination of intermediaries.

The clear-cut tax structure with the implementation of GST has decreased, if not complete removed, inefficiencies, and delays in the movement of goods. Large automated warehouses supported by technology and models with optimal use of technology can bring warehouses closer to consumption centers, and create room for reverse logistics. New government policies such as a road infrastructure network across the country, and the construction of dedicated shipment corridors that can enlarge the cargo handling capacity will increase the standard travelling speed, and reduce transit time.

Other effective options such as an effective supply chain service, and cost-effective routes for inland waterways can facilitate seamless cargo movement from place of production to place of consumption.


To keep up with India’s quick paced economic development, the government is implementing various policies that can give a fresh impetus to the growth of the logistics industry, particularly in the SME and the corporate sector. The GST implementation has amplified the service geography of logistics firms so they can ensure quick delivery and meet demands. The expansion in e-commerce has given way to dedicated logistics channels that provide assured reverse logistics and can certify faster delivery.

The consignee payment collection, third party logistics service offering and the automation set up by big e-commerce companies can give way to full-fledged logistics service providers. The logistics industry, on the whole, is backed by a boost in expansionary policies of firms providing end-to-end supply chain solutions that can reduce costs to customers and provide solutions that can enhance the growth of the warehousing and logistics industry in the future.

Source: Power2SME

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