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Tips on carrying out preventive maintenance of your air blower

In a number of applications, an air blower holds a significant role in the system. So preventive maintenance, of an air blower is a very costly affair, as it may amount to huge production loss.
For critical application, we recommend to have spare blower in line with damper settings so that by closing the blower-1 damper and opening the blower-2 damper, complete system breakdown time gets reduced to a significant extent.

Tips for Preventive Maintenance of Industrial Air Blowers

  • Ensure that motor mounting and impeller locking bolts are tight.
  • Check impeller balancing is accurate. Now, how do you go about that? Simple! Just start the blower & turn it off, after a while. You will observe impeller rotation speed is slowly reducing. If impeller is well balanced it will slowly come to rest, however, if there is any unbalancing, impeller will go forth or backward, prior coming to rest.

In many applications over a specific period of running dust bits gets accumulated on the impeller.  Impeller balancing is disturbed, because of dust accumulation; it needs to be cleansed thoroughly, in order to attain proper balancing.

However, almost every air blower comes equipped with a maintenance window, on the casing. This implies that, you can periodically clean the impeller through this window, without any difficulty.

Jot down the electric current, noise and vibration when the blower is running smoothly. Periodically repeat this exercise; if you find any deviation in current, noise and vibration, then it might be an indication of a possible breakdown in the future. The problem needs to be rectified as soon as possible, in order to circumvent any future breakdowns.

In addition to the points given above, there are few more preventive maintenance checks, for belt driven air blower, as listed below –

  • Periodically do the greasing of the bearings.
  • Check for belt pulley alignment
  • Check that bolts of Plummer block and, pulley are properly bolted.
  • Ensure that bearing sleeves are tightened properly to the shaft. There should be no relative motion between shaft and sleeve.

Where to buy air blowers?

It really does not matter where you buy air blowers from, you can visit a local store or search for online air blowers instead, and it is up to you to decide. However, it is generally perceived that online shopping is much better than offline one! Due to the reason that you get to choose and compare from a diversity of products, that too within a drop of a hat! Everything is so quick, you shoot a search for online air blowers, wade through the options, like them? Check user reviews! Satisfied? Buy it! It is a breeze while shopping online! Whereas on the other hand, a local store owner might trick you, and sell to you an inferior quality tool and, in most cases, they do not even entertain any refunds, or returns!

Therefore, make a wise choice as the right air blower can certainly help you make a big difference