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Best Cordless Tools in the Market by Black+Decker

Cordless tools have proven to be handy among their users as these run on batteries which increases productivity while working. Such tools are very feasible to use and make your job easier. Most cordless tools are just as powerful as any other tool, and some cordless tools even match and exceed the maximum or breakaway torque of air or corded tools. 

In the past few years, cordless tools have been upgraded from nickel-metal hydride to lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are lighter and run for a longer time by storing more energy in smaller packages. Also, these are feasible to recycle; much more than conventional batteries. Thus, these batteries can provide enough power to cordless tools.

Hence, Cordless tools do not need a power supply to work other than the pre-charged battery so there is no hindrance of extension wire limit during the work process. This creates no such situation of tripping over trailing cables.

Let’s check out some of the best Cordless power tools in the market by Black+Decker : 

Black+Decker 4.8V Battery Powered Cordless Screwdriver Set, KC4815

This battery-operated cordless screwdriver is made using top-quality raw materials with utmost precision.  This tool can be used manually as it has a spindle lock, which allows you to perform the screwing operation with no trouble. Its compact design makes it handy to have around the house. This screwdriver lets you use it freely and flexibly without worrying about any power cables connected to it.

It also has an onboard LED light which illuminates dark work areas like under tables and cupboards. The product includes 1 Cordless Screwdriver, 1 Charger, 15 Bits, and 1 magnetic bit holder for the user’s convenience.


  • Charging Time: 3-5 hours.
  • Spindle lock makes accessory changing quick and easy.
  • Rubber overmold grip provides comfort and avoids slipping.
  • 2 position twist handle mechanism for full versatility and accessibility.
  • Forward/Reverse slide switch for easy screw driving and screw removal.
  • an LED light in front for working in poorly lit areas.
  • It comes with torque adjustment.

Black+Decker 10mm 12V Cordless Drill Driver Kit, CD121K50

Black & Decker 12 V CD121K50 cordless drill & driver offers many benefits, which makes it one of the most essential products for every household. Medium level DIY tasks around the home and outdoor such as furniture assembly, hanging pictures, blind and curtain installation, lamps and shelf fittings come under the purview of uses this advanced machine offers. This tool can handle a wide range of applications, its variable-speed showcases 17 position torque control. For enhancing the versatility level of the machine, the reverse switch serves advantageously.


  • Keyless Chuck for quick and easy bit changes.
  • Spring Loaded Slide Pack Battery System- For quick and easy battery change and a more secure fit.
  • Variable speed and control with 17 position torque control for a wide range of applications.
  • Reverse Switch for Added Versatility.

Black+Decker 50 Pieces 9.6V Cordless Orange Keyless Chuck Drill Driver Kit, CD961K50

Black+Decker offers 50 Pieces of Cordless Orange Keyless Chuck Drill Driver Kit, CD961K50. This appear to be a cost-effective product that is available with reverse switches so that it can add versatility to the work. This chuck driver kit offers precise control for the drilling which let you drill easily whenever you want. You can use this in wood, metal, plastic, and is the ideal choice for all screw driving tasks. This is available with variable speed for ultimate fingertip control.  This cordless keyless chuck drill driver is the best choice for drilling and screw driving applications.


  • Reverse Switch for Added Versatility.
  • Provides Precise Control for Drilling into Wood, Metal, Plastic & all Screw driving Tasks.
  • Variable Speed for Ultimate Fingertip Control for all Drilling & Screw driving Applications.

Black & Decker Inc. is one of the top manufacturers of power tools and also has aced the sector of cordless power tools. The company was originally established in 1910, and since then they remain one of the best manufacturers of these products. 

BLACK+DECKER warranties these products to be free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of (1) year, following the date of purchase.

At Black & Decker, they are eco-smart and committed to minimizing their impact on the environment. They manufacture the products, keeping the requirements of customers in mind. When the products reach the end customer, they will be delighted with the quality they receive. 

You can buy a vast variety of products for home and outdoor use from StanleyBlack+Decker on Moglix and get the best deals on power tools. 

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