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BHIM App Update — One-time Mandate to Schedule Payment for Future Date

Unified Payment Interface (UPI) transactions have become immensely popular. In 2018, its volume increased by 400%. The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) is focussed on updated the BHIM app and had recently launched UPI 2.0 with features such as increased transaction limits, overdraft account and more.

The latest feature added to BHIM app is the one-time mandate feature that allows you to schedule payment for a future date. It is a great feature for merchants, businessmen, and loan payers. It is very useful for people who require making an auto payment of rent or EMI. Some amazing benefits of this feature include fixing a maximum limit for the payment, blocking an amount for scheduled payment to a later date, earning interest of the blocked/saved amount and with just a single approval you can approve one-time mandate request from a merchant. You can even modify the UPI mandate.

There are some rules to be followed for using UPI one-time mandate.

  • Set the start and end date of the mandate
  • Set a fixed amount limit that a biller can withdraw
  • Once the mandate is set, the amount is blocked from any other usage
  • In case the blocked amount is not consumed fully, the remaining amount will be in the bank account
  • On balance check, there will be total balance and balance blocked for withdrawal
  • Maximum transaction limit of a mandate is Rs20,000
  • The maximum validity of a mandate is 90 days

How it functions- 6 step process

  • Login to BHIM app with your 4-digit passcode
  • Check the new UPI Mandate displayed below the Bill Pay option.
  • See the four tabs — My Mandates, Create, Scan, and Gift.
  • Tap on Create to select the UPI contact or add a new UPI ID you need to send money.
  • Enter the amount to be transferred and frequency is set by default to one time.
  • Select the validity of the mandate i.e. start and end date.
  • Add remarks to have a record of where the funds are getting transferred.
  • Tap on proceed to view a summary of the details on a single screen
  • Tap on confirm and enter the 4-digit PIN for authentication
  • Now, the recipient need to accept the gift amount received


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