Do You Know These Benefits of Warning Signs?

In recent decades, workplace safety has been increased. Work injuries have been decreased from 10.9 incidents per 100 workers to 3 incidents from 1972 to 2015 respectively. Safety and warning signs play an important role in preventing workers from workplace injuries. Various industries use the “Warning” and “Caution” signboards for the safety of their workers, supervisors, and others who are associated with this area. These warning signs benefit the workers in various ways. From wayfinding to PPE, here are five ways in which warning signs help in the safety of the workers.


As the name suggests, wayfinding is designed for workers who drive heavy equipment. It is helpful as:

Indicate the Hazardous Areas: It informs about the area littered with heavy-duty machinery, slippery surfaces, and other dangers, and indicates that workers should take alternate routes.

Avoid Congestion: A huge crowd can be dangerous and can avoid the stampede. This sign help users avoid congested areas and use wayfinding to create safer routes.

Help Workers in Emergencies: This sign help users to fire exits and outline emergency egress routes. 

Emergency Egress

There are some rules and regulations in industries for communicating emergency degree routes. The rules related to “Exit” signs are:

  • There must be an “Exit” sign at every evacuation zone and these signs must be visible.
  • Line-of-Sight available at Exit signboard must be visible.
  • The word ‘Exit’ must be legible with lettering at least 6″ (15.2 cm) high.
  • These signs must be placed where the path is not obvious.

Arc Flash Safety Signs

Electrical safety is very necessary for keeping workers safe from hazards. For the electrical hazards, there are specially designed warning signboards. For the safety, workplace electrical equipment should be labeled with the following:

Nominal System Voltage: It indicates the potential shock hazards or degree of danger present by identifying the piece of equipment or circuit’s voltage.

Arc Flash Boundary: It defines the distance at which a person may get a second-degree burn in the event of an arc flash.

PPE: This shows the PPE required labeled on equipment for a safe job.

PPE Safety Signs

Warning sign just not indicate about the hazards but also guide safe work practices. With the help of PPE safety signs, workers can identify which types of PPE should be worn in a given area. Here, you can check three types of safety signs:

Eye Protection: When dust, flying particles, or other hazards can harm workers, use these signs to indicate them about these dangers. 

Ear Protection: It indicates about the loud noise area, and directs workers to use proper ear protection.

Fall Protection: In the construction industry, fall from heights is a very common cause for workers’ death. This safety sign aware workers about fall hazards, and indicate the need for proper fall protection.

Equipment Maintenance Signs

Equipment needs to be maintained, serviced, inspected and repaired. These signs indicate  workers about the maintenance of equipment:

Lockout/ Tagout: To make workers understand that certain machine requires lockout or tagout, use these warning boards before start repairing.

Instructions: These signs are used to remind workers to proper switch off the machines before servicing, also check fuel or oil levels, and read the directions before starting work.

Specific Hazards: To warn workers about the machine’s unique hazards, use specific hazards signs. 

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