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Oil & Gas Industry- Safety Guidelines by OISD

Oil Industry Safety Directorate (OISD) is a technical directorate that works under the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas. It formulates and implements a series of safety guidelines aiming to safeguard their workers. This industry is one of the riskiest industries, hence, it deserves the utmost attention, especially in the hydrocarbon processes, such as Exploration, Refineries, Pipelines and Marketing installations, Gas Processing units, etc. This directorate oversees the implementation of all the decisions of the safety council mentioned here:

General Duties of Owners

  • Owners should nominate a competent person to ensure the safety of workers
  • Ensure that the executing agency is aware of the requirements of owners concerning safety practices before the job

Safety Practices at Workplace

  • All openings and other areas that can cause danger to workers should be indicated
  • Employees must wear safety equipment according to the job. They should be provided with training to wear these PPEs
  • Ensure the usage of correct tools and equipment for work
  • Make sure that working material and equipment are stored properly
  • Removal of scrap, flammable materials, waste, and debris is necessary at a regular interval
  • Slippery workplaces and passageways, due to oil, grease or other causes, should be cleaned up.

Keen Focus on Training

  • Training must be provided not only to company employees but also to contract workmen and security personnel through experts
  • To ensure the integrity of the safety procedures, operating manuals should be updated regularly
  • There should be strict supervision by Fire & Safety Personnel/ site supervisors to ensure the safety of employees.

Fire Fighting

  • There should be a fixed and mobile fire fighting system to take care of emergencies or eventualities
  • For each location, a proper emergency management plan is required
  • In vulnerable areas, there should be a well-organized water sprayer system

Some General Safety Tips for Oil and Gas Industry Workers

Collaborate with Local Emergency Response Community: Establish a flow of communication with local emergency response organizations to provide a higher level of overall safety. Discuss health and safety hazards that occur at the workplace and determine how to best assist each other in emergencies.

Invest in a Safety Programme: Maintain an environment of open communication. Embrace a personal approach to safety training.

Create a Healthy Environment for Workers: Work culture also affects the safety of workers. Promote a transparent and open environment through various training techniques and team exercises. Educate workers about a safe and healthy environment and teach them to obey rules for their safety.

Machine maintenance: Prevent workers from machine failure and keep them safe by conducting regular maintenance checks. Employees should keep track of maintenance and report any strange occurrences with a machine to their supervisor immediately.

These are safety measures consolidated and amended by the government of India. To ensure a safe and better working environment, workers must wear personal protective equipment (PPE). If you are planning to buy PPE for your workers, browse through moglix.com and get the most reliable and durable safety wear online at an affordable price. 

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