Ceiling fans

Things to Consider when Buying a Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan is important for air circulation whether at home or in office. It disperses the cool air that settles at the lower part of the room/space. It is a must for rooms with more number of people. Today, you have numerous styles of fans available in the market with different price and designs. Whether you buy it just for the beautification of the house or for better air circulation, you cannot just open a ceiling fan category page and click on any fan for your home. There are some criteria to look into, such as

Size of room: Before purchasing a fan, finalize the size of the room where it needs to be installed. Room size will help you finalize the size of the fan. Both should be in proper proportion. A small fan in a large room won’t give you proper air-circulation and might look a bit awkward and vice-versa. For a room of 60 to 100 sq. feet, 36 inches fan is the best. Whereas, for a 60 inches fan, a room should be of 650 to 500 sq. feet.

Style:  Ceiling fans are available in different styles. To make your home décor look more pleasing, your ceiling fan style should match with house interiors. The different fan styles include decorative, premium, regular, super-saver fans, etc. Another important thing to consider is the color of the fan. Whether contrast or the same color as of house interior, the fan after installation should look pleasant.

Ceiling type: According to the type of ceiling, you will need to select the fan. A flush mount or a very small rod fan is good for low ceiling room whereas, for a high ceiling room, the fan should have a long rod for proper air circulation. In the case of a slant or sloped ceiling, the rod needs are placed in an angled way.

Lighting: Today fans come with an option to add lighting. There are fans with that have a lighting kit attached to them. So, there is an option to purchase it as a part of a fan or separately as per your preference. But, it is necessary to check if the size of light and fan fits well.

Before you purchase a ceiling fan, remember to check the noise level of the same.


  • For proper functioning of a ceiling fan, it is must to have a proper installation. Below are things to keep a check of while installation
  • Keep the power off during all electrical fixtures. And, the room should have proper lighting while installation.
  • Mark all the wires properly. Disconnect the old wires for safe electricity flow and inspect the electric box.
  • Read all the instructions before assembling and installing a ceiling fan to make things easier.
  • Make sure the rod of the ceiling fan is fitted properly to take the weight of the motor.
  • After the installation, check for all connections and fan blade installation before switching on the electricity.

There are outdoor ceiling fans as well. It is must of these fans have good protection against weather conditions. Many companies manufacture special outdoor ceiling fans for a porch, etc. Some, features of these fans include

  • The preventive and decorative motor casing
  • Higher-grade wiring to suit climatic conditions
  • Rustproof casing and blades for outdoor weather

And, yes these fans can be used for the indoor purpose as well since they have beautiful looks.





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