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Embeddinator Arduino Pro Mini Board
By: Embeddinator
Available on Request
  • Each of the 14 Digital Pins can be Used as...

  • Based on the ATMEGA328

Embeddinator Arduino Nano V3.0 Board
By: Embeddinator
Available on Request
  • Atmel ATMEGA328 which Offer More Programming & Data Memory Space

  • Two Layers that Make it Easier to Hack & More

Electrobot HC-05 Blue Wireless Serial Bluetooth Module
By: Electrobot
Available on Request
  • Modulation: GFSK(Gaussian Frequency Shift Keying)

  • Working Current: Matching for 30 MA

Electrobot 25Pcs EB-Arduino Uno 3 Ultimate Starter Kit
By: Electrobot
Available on Request
  • It has enough components to get you started making your

  • Arduino is based on C/C++ programming language so we will

Electrobot Arduino Serial Wifi Wireless Transceiver Module, ESP8266 (Pack of 2)
  • Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz, support WPA or WPA2

Embeddinator Arduino Uno R3 ATMEGA328P Board
By: Embeddinator
Available on Request
  • Based on the ATmega328

  • It has a Power Jack, an ICSP Header & a

Electrobot Arduino Pro Mini
By: Electrobot
Available on Request
Electrobot Nano Arduino
By: Electrobot
Available on Request
  • Flash Memory: 32 KB

  • Analog In Pins: 8 EEPROM - 1 KB DC Current

Embeddinator HC-05 Bluetooth Module with TTL
By: Embeddinator
Available on Request
  • PIO(Programmable Input/Output) control

  • Upto +4dBm RF Transmit Power

Buy Arduino online at and Avail Huge Benefits

An Arduino is a type of microcontroller that processes the given information or input and turns it into an output. Arduino microcontrollers are open-sourcing units that can be modified and adapted to meet individual needs. An Arduino kit is a DIY kit that includes all the components that are necessary to build your own electronic devices. It is responsible for designing and building simple and user-friendly hardware and software. An Arduino board usually has a microcontroller, which is a programmable circuit.


Arduino is largely used in different fields like robotics, IoT, production, and many more. There are immense uses of Arduino in real life owing to the various functions it carries out. On Moglix, you will find Arduino boards from authentic brands that promise quality.


Various Types and Uses of Arduino Boards

Arduino Uno:

  • It is a simple and user-friendly Arduino board that has 14 digital I/O pins.
  • You can connect it to a computer through a USB cable for your programming needs.
  • It is a great option to buy for new Arduino users.


Arduino Nano:

  • In terms of size, it is compact, but very flexible in usage.
  • It has 8 analog pins, 14 digital pins, and some reset and power pins. It also has an I/O pin.
  • The connection system is similar to Arduino Uno. It is great for programmers.
  • You can check the Arduino Nano price on Moglix.


Arduino Due:

  • This model is the first of Arduino microcontroller boards.
  • It has some analog pins, I/O pins, PWM o/p pins, erase and reset buttons, and many more.


Arduino Micro:

  • It is largely dependent on the ATmega32U4 microcontroller.
  • It has an inherent USB connection system.
  • It can be understood as a smaller version of the Leonardo board.


Arduino Bluetooth:

  • It is popularly known as Arduino BT.
  • It comes with components such as reset buttons, a crystal oscillator, an ICSP header, analog pins, and more.

There are some more types of Arduino namely Diecimila, RedBoard, LilyPad, Mega, Robot, Leonardo, Esplora, etc.

What to Consider While Buying Arduino Boards Online?

Here are the top factors to consider while you buying Arduino boards

Processor type- There are numerous processors in Arduino that function on different voltages and have different purposes and specializations like high-speed, memory facilities, powerful sensors, and much more.

Specific features and capabilities- Certain microcontrollers have special features that let you connect to sensors, and the capability to generate software serial, SPI, and 12C communication protocols. Buy one base for your purpose.

Size- NANO boards are compact and smaller but are more powerful than UNO boards. So, if you think size and power go hand in hand then you are wrong.


Price: Arduino models come at different prices and you must give a thought to the model that suits your budget. Depending on your needs and whether you are an initial user or not, you should decide the kind of investment you want to make.

Components: The components that an Arduino board comes with are an essential factor too. You should take note of the number of analog pins, reset buttons, and other important elements that you are getting.

Shield: Arduino shields have built-in electronic circuits that you can also think of getting home. Determine your requirements and then make a choice in this respect. 

Accessories: USB cables, sensors, and other accessories should also be thought about before making a buying decision. Once you are sure of your need, decide on the type of Arduino you wish to go for.

Buy Arduino Online From the Top Brands Available on Moglix

Techtonics Arduino:

  • With a decent voltage capacity and flash memory, sending inputs is an easy task with Techtonics Arduino.
  • It has useful accessories like a crystal oscillator, USB cable, and a power jack.


Embeddinator Arduino:

  • This brand rolls out premium products that promise quality and excellence.
  • It offers many accessories and simplicity in usage.


Electrobot Arduino:

  • It comes with emission power and sensitivity.
  • It also offers a Bluetooth module which offers seamless programming.


Shop for Arduino Boards on Moglix Today

If you are looking for a variety of options for Arduino boards, Moglix is the right place to explore. Browse through a collection of amazing brands that allow you to reach the epitome of excellence in your programming journey.


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