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10 Essential Things to Look Out for, Before Hopping on to an Adventure Trip

Outdoor gears are essential for trekking and camping for obvious reasons. When out in the wilderness, this equipment has proved to be essential for survival and, has helped adventurers, steer clear from danger into safety numerous times.

At Moglix we offer a wide range of products that match the needs of such thrill seekers and adventurers. From Personal Wear to Backpacks and Rug sacks to Footwear and Tents, the entire necessary equipment, one requires while exploring the great outdoors.

Mentioned below are some essentials that an individual should carry, when out on an adventure trip:

Personal Wear

One needs to wear and, carry light clothes, which must prove to be effective against the kind of weather of the area one’s looking forward to explore. In rain forests, one needs fabric which can reduce the effect of the extreme humidity and, also protect the skin from rashes.

Where else, in cold areas, one needs the kind of fabric, which is not only light but also helps in keeping the person warm enough to avoid any kind of negative environmental effect.

Backpack & Rug sacks

Backpack is considered to be a hiking essential, and it is perfect for accommodating all the survival equipment one is supposed to carry, moreover, a good backpack must be able to support the weight of all the things that a person would require, if it provides special compartments for every item, even better.

Sleeping bag

Sleeping bag acts as the temporary abode for one to rest and, relax in. A good sleeping bag must not get torn and, shredded easily, and must be warm and long enough to accommodate the user.


A good pair of shoes will go a long way in the wilderness. Since hiking includes walking on all sorts of terrain, a good pair of shoes will protect the feet and will help in avoiding any injury or unnecessary cramps.


A knife can prove to be a life saver in many situations. Therefore, it is necessary for every hiker or camper to have a good compact knife, along at all times.

Life straw

Life straw is a portable water purifier which basically looks like a straw and purifies all water from streams and ponds to make it potable. Since one cannot always carry enough water and it is important to stay hydrated, Life straw can help in achieving just that without any hassle.


For campers, a good tent is always considered to be an investment. The tent must be as strong as it can be, must be water and fire proof, and must be not too hard to set up. It must be easy to carry along too, as the hikers and campers can only carry so much weight with them.

First Aid

It is necessary to carry along appropriate first aid while going for hiking or camping. This first aid must include bandage and pain relief gel, nausea and fever drugs, and the common anti-venoms to be prepared for all sorts of situation.


Human eyes can only see so much in the moonshine, and a flashlight is a must for campers to make sure of their surroundings and avoid many possible hazards. These flashlights must have a good range, in addition to a good battery life.

Map/Navigation tool

It happens very often that campers and hikers get off the direction and lose their way. A map or a navigation tool can help in making sure that one is right on track, and if lost, it can also help them in finding their way back. If not a navigation tool, one can also carry a compass along and learn to find their way before they start their journey.

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