Air Coolers: A Battle with Summers

Summers have arrived and we are already trying to defeat these hazy sunny days and burning rays of the Sun that can even roast us. To conquer the intensity of heat, air coolers are the best alternative. These are the popular cooling solutions for places that face dry summers. 

Air coolers are economical and environment-friendly. We often get confused about which one to choose as we see various models of air coolers available in the market. Picking up a right air cooler can be a difficult task. Hence, take a brief look at the points mentioned below and follow them before buying an air cooler. 

Types of Air Cooler

First, determine the type of air coolers. There are two types of air coolers available, personal cooler and desert cooler. 

Personal Coolers: These coolers are sufficient to cool small to mid-size rooms. Personal coolers use blowers for cooling. Their water tank capacity ranges from 20-30 liters. These are economical and cheaper.

Desert Coolers: Desert coolers are useful to cool medium to large-sized rooms. For cooling, they use huge fans. Their water tank capacity ranges from 30-60 liters and they are a bit expensive than personal coolers. 

Water Tank Capacity

Air Coolers use an evaporating method for cooling. In this method, water is converted into water vapor to reduce the temperature of the air. So, it is necessary to buy an air cooler with larger tanks. Larger tanks are helpful in running an air cooler for a longer time. For a larger room, an air cooler with a larger water tank is sufficient. As per the size of tanks, choose the one among personal and desert air coolers.

Air Flow

Select an air cooler that perfectly suits the size of your room and is capable to provide cool air. In the air cooling process, airflow plays a very important role. The airflow of an air cooler is measured in cubic feet per minute (CPM). It denotes the number of air cycles into a room per minute. Determine the CPM and get the one for you. 

Airflow also depends on whether an air cooler is using a fan or blower. Fans create airflow with low pressure and are ideal for big air coolers while blowers are used in small models because they create airflow with high pressure. 

Cooling Pads

Cooling pads absorb direct water and make air to flow through them to cool it. Thus, they have a direct impact on cooling. These pads are made of aspen or cellulose. Aspen pads are manufactured using wood shaving and synthetic fiber. These pads are cheaper but need high maintenance while cellulose pads are thicker and need less maintenance. Aspen pads have a shorter life than cellulose pads. Select the one as per your convenience.

Advanced Features

There was a time when air coolers had a metal body and produce noise. But now, they have become advanced. In this era, air coolers come with several advanced features like putting ice cubes tray, compatibility with an inverter, remote control, speed control nob, water level indicator, multi-functioned wheels, empty tank alarm, and many more. So, it is recommended to buy air cooler with these technologies. 

Energy Efficiency

Air coolers are very energy efficient because they use simple technology to cool the air. As compared to air conditioners that have compressors and refrigerants, they use only water, a fan, and a pump. 

Hopefully, this buying would be helpful in selecting the right air cooler for your space. If you are planning to purchase an air cooler for your premises, consider these tips. Moglix is an online platform that offers the best air coolers at the best price. Browse through and get the perfect one for you. 

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