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5 Carpentry Myths You’ve Believed So Far

For some people, carpentry reflects the image of a hammer, a nail and some pieces of wood while for others, it is an art. Carpentry is all about building masterpieces with wood. But unfortunately, many people are being held back from carpentry due to several myths. Starting a new business can be scary at first and it can become worse if people start believing the myths and rumors. So, here, check the most common myths about carpentry that may be holding you back from starting your business. 

Myth-1: You Need a Lot of Tools

Fact: One of the biggest myths about carpentry is that you need a lot of tools to work. Carpentry can be started with a few hand tools and a couple of power tools and when your budget increases, you can add more tools. Some projects would require only one power tool. For a quite elaborate project, multipurpose tools can be a good option. Before spending money on carpentry tools, take these four things in consideration:

  • For simple projects, what bare minimum tools can be used?
  • Do not use badly made tools.
  • Do you need to spend on high-end tools?
  • Check if the tools are working properly or not.

Myth-2: Carpentry is an Expensive Job

Fact: This is another myth that can deter you to start a carpentry business. In the beginning, you would require to make a good investment in a lathe and other accessories. But according to the project, the investment can be altered. Many small and medium projects can be finished using basic hand tools. The start-up cost is a lot lower than it looks. 

Myth-3: Tools are Dangerous

Fact: There is no denying that accidents do happen with carpentry tools. But blaming a tool for an accident is unfair. Surely, using tools incorrectly that have high-speed blades and moving parts can cause you harm. It is important to have proper control over the tools. To do so, read through the tool’s manual guide and learn how to use these carpentry tools safely. Also, wear personal protective equipment to prevent yourself or your workers from hazards. 

Myth-4: You Need a Big Work Area

Fact: This myth misleads to a carpenter that he needs a big shop to work. The size of the workshop does not affect the quality of your work. With a smaller area, a brilliant piece can be made. The working should be comfortable and should allow creative work. 

Myth-5: Dust and Chemicals can Hurt You

Fact: Dust can be dangerous sometimes. Inhaling floating dust can cause health problems over time. The fine particles get stuck in the lungs and can lead to breathing problems, asthma, and other chronic diseases that can severely reduce your life. However, there are plenty of options available to keep yourself safe from dust. You can use proper PPE.

Carpenters also use several chemicals to provide finishing to a workpiece. A beginner requires safety training to use the chemicals safely. It is also required to wear safety equipment such as gloves, face mask, safety glasses, respirators, etc while using chemicals. 

These are several myths related to carpentry that people usually believe. If you are going to start a carpentry business, you must have quality tools and skills to use them. For buying carpentry tools and safety equipment to keep the workers safe, visit moglix.com. Moglix provides various carpentry tools at an affordable price. 

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