5 Power Tool Replacement Parts

Power tools have taken the world by storm. They are being used everywhere in almost every industry. This makes regular maintenance of power tool a necessity. Even after proper care, with regular use, many parts of the tool wear down and call for a replacement. Below is a list of parts that require a regular check and repair

1. Batteries

For the cordless power tools, a battery is its life giver. So, it rules the chart of replaceable parts in a tool. If you need to use the tool daily, battery change will be frequent. The heat produced by the running of the tool will overheat the battery and burn its fuel cells. The dead battery would even fail to create a connection with the charger and need a quick replacement.

2. Cords

Power cords are an essential unit of power tool that carries current form an electric circuit to the tool. These have to undergo severe wear and tear. Although the cords come with rubber insulation, they are damaged during use and with time the rubber quality is affected badly. The torn rubber exposes wiring to the outer environment. This increases chances of accidents and the user can also get electric shocks if in touch of wire. When checking your power cord, remember to check the prongs of the plug. Loose or bent prongs can also cause a spark or electric shock.

3. Bearings

For the smooth functioning of a power tool, it should have good bearings. With the running of the power tool, the bearings wear out over time. Overuse or using the tool for something the tool is not intended for causing the bearing to die sooner. Wear down of a bearing can be experienced in many ways such as loud screeching noise from the tool, overheating on regular use or if the power tool stops functioning.  Bearing are of different types. It is necessary to use the tool specific bearing. The wrong bearing can damage your tool.

4. Transmission belt

There are many tools that need power transmission belts to operate. It is generally made of hard rubber and fixed around two or more rotating shafts. This creates movement between the shafts that produce energy for running a power tool. Belts require obvious replacements because they deteriorate with time. If the tool is not used, belts break down. The thick rubber dries out and gets cracked. No elasticity means the belt is of no use for the tool.

5. Carbon brushes

It is another essential part that requires timely replacement. Carbon brush allows the electric current to reach the tool parts and start its operation. It has a gradual decay that occurs with the use of the tool. Being the electricity supplier, it is necessary for a carbon brush to work well. So, how to know if it is worn out? The speed of the tool might be reduced, it would create a problem in starting, or the tool might not even start at all. There can be even sparks and damage inside the tool.

In addition to the above-mentioned five parts, there are other replacements a power tool requires to have for its proper functioning such as accessories, drill bits, power switches, etc. For long-life of your power tool it is essential to buy the same brand replacement parts and of right sizes. Else, there will be future problems.

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