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All Your Belongings, These Safes Keeps Them Safe!

There are several reasons for homeowners, along with businesses, to make proactive use of safes. Nowadays, apart from the risk of theft or vandalization, fire poses a great threat to your valuables. It does not matter, whether; you feel that you have adequate protection from any uncalled-for catastrophe; a fire can take place, at any point of given time, and even in full proof security.

Therefore, you need to store your valuable documents, computer information and, backup disks in a place where they are completely indemnified from any hazard, and, well, premium quality safes serve the purpose for the same.

Types of safe locks

Lock your precious items according to your requirements

Key Locks: 

Safe with key lock is extremely convenient and simple to use, key locked safes are less expensive but may create a protection issue as the keys can easily be stolen or one may lose the key somewhere which may cause a severe risk of theft.

Hence, safes with keys are very easy to use and convenient, but keeping the keys stored safely could be a tricky task.




We suggest that you buy Godrej Forte Pro 20L Steel Key Lock, Safe Locker, as it gives you a good capacity to store your valuables like cash and jewelry, also this safe has a built-in alarm system to maximize security, the safe can be easily mounted on a standing floor that keeps it at a fixed place of yours. Moglix offers you the best deals on these safes. Click the link below to buy our recommended safe.


Electronic Combination Lock:

This safe does not require a key, as it solves the issue with the previous key-locked safes. These types of safes require you to set up a pin to open the safe. Some electronic safe models do have an option for an emergency key to open up the safe in case of any faults from the electronic mechanism or the user forgets the safe code.

These types of safe are much easy to handle as they do not require a key to open the safe regularly hence the user can keep the keys at a safe allocated place easily


Godrej E-Swipe Grey Electronic Safe is the best of its kind will 2mm thick walls, safe lets you set a pin of 3 to 6 characters also it can be opened by swiping your registered debit or credit card. Safe has security features of Motorised Shooting bolts and auto freeze after consecutive wrong attempts. Its 35 liters of capacity can easily store your cash, jewelry, and documents.  


Mechanical Combination Lock:

These safe are the first of their kind the safe does not require any batteries to operate as its mechanism has a wheel which is when rotated for dialing a right combination. All wheels and notches come straight in the line and the safe door can be opened.

These are the safes with limited combinations preset by the factory as they do not require a key to open which makes it difficult to remember the password and if its user finds a need to change the combination, then they need to hire a locksmith for the job.

Mechanized combination lock does not have the key problem either, but when compared to electronic designs they have a much more limited quantity of combinations.


Godrej Matrix Manual 2414-KL Mechanical Fire Resistant Safe is the best manually operated Armour plated safe with fire and tools resistance, the safe provides a secondary re-locking system if someone triggers forced attempts, this safe provides a Gordian lock that opens with two keys, that makes it much safer besides being a mechanical safe.


Biometric Locks:

This technology will recognize the user through the unique fingerprint identification and opens the door, this lets the user access the safe quickly compared to the mechanical combination locks

The cost of these safes is a bit high than the other safes, price is mostly dependent on the durability and size of the safe.


Godrej Biometric Filo Biometric 55 Safe Locker, GSS-SAF-2727 provide you the highest security level, it can store 30 fingerprint templates with an auto freeze feature after consecutive wrong attempts, its nonvolatile memory prevents password erasure when the battery is low on power. Its 20 l capacity lets you keep your petty cash, jewelry, documents, and everyday valuable safe and quickly accessible through simple fingerprint scanning.


Other than the development of the most secure types of locks to protect your valuable assets, the safes have also developed the technology of being fire and water proof. These modern safe let your possessions safe from high heat flames for over 60 minutes from heat levels up to 900 degrees Celsius. Water-resistant safe can stand airtight up to 24 hours deep inside up to 8 inches of water. Which helps in keeping your valuable document and liquid cash safe from being spoiled.


Godrej Centiguard 560 Fire Resistant Safe has a Special Tongue and groove construction to prevent hot gases and smoke from seeping in,  its 90 l capacity with a lockable drawer and an adjustable shelf maximizes interior storage space. This safe has been Certified for 1 hour of Fire Protection in the USA and 2 hours in Sweden 


There is a wide variety of different safes. Some safes can be used for protecting large documents, whereas other smaller safes can be used for keeping your passports, medical-related documents, birth certificates, and other personal information protected. 

Moreover, keeping your valuable jewelry and money under-guard. For businesses, there are a plethora of safes that provide unparalleled protection to your essential yet important assets.

At Moglix, we believe in offering products that meet the ever-changing needs of customers. We have maintained a wide product range to suit the budget of retailers and home-based users. The safes available in our range have been procured from leading brands such as Godrej and OZONE available in numerous colors. Also, to ensure utmost security of your valuables, select from our entire collection of security equipment, ranging from CCTV cameras, Door and Door Frames, Access Systems, Security alarm, Sensors, and much more, available at Moglix.

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