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Forget Immobility after Using these Mobility Aids!

Many senior citizens and differently abled people, throughout the world, are forced to live a life of dependency as they do not have access to basic medical supplies. They have to be dependent on their caretakers even for the simplest work like walking, moving, sitting, etc although Mobility aids have helped our elders and differently abled, to live their life with dignity and keep up with their self-pride.

In this article we will help you understand the types, uses, and features of these mobility aids that can make your elder’s life easy.  

What are Mobility Aids?

Mobility aids are the instruments that help in supporting the body mass of an individual, letting them do the basic day-to-day work with ease. These tools are light in weight and designed accordingly to make them convenient for daily use. 

These medical supplies are used to reduce the dependency from the caretakers for daily basic works.

Types of Mobility Aids

Walking stick- this instrument is used for maintaining balance while walking, as well as reducing the risk of falling. These sticks are ergonomically designed to create ease while getting up, climbing stairs as well for walking purposes.

These sticks help physically challenged people to regain their strength of walking due to their rubber grip on both sides of the stick to avoid slipping and maintaining safety and stability.

Walking sticks are very light in weight due to their aluminum built, so that it’s easy to lift for elderly individuals.

Walkers- These are 4 legged rectangle-shaped supporters for the people who need extra support and steadiness while walking, these walkers are made of lightweight materials with features like height adjustments and easy folding to make them portable and easy to use.

Wheelchair- This equipment can be widely seen in hospitals as medical equipment. These portable chairs are fitted with wheels to have ease of movement, there are two types of wheelchairs, manual and electric powered.

  • Manual chairs require force by the sitting person or the caretaker for the movement’s purpose.
  • Electric powered chairs have a controller remote attached to the handles to manage the movement.

Wheelchairs are made for people who cannot walk or have injuries or disabilities.  

Who Needs walking sticks and walkers?

These Instruments are used for extra support mostly by the elders or individuals suffering from difficulties to handle their own bodyweight, not being able to manage body balance, weakness, arthritic pain, injured legs, and people with a fear of falling.

These instruments give them external support to live their life with dignity and become self-dependent.

Types of walking sticks and Walkers

Cane Walking Stick: this stick is used by those who need to have partial support and sturdiness while walking, these are very light in weight and mostly made up of aluminum.

Height Adjusting Cane: these sticks are the same as the cane stick but with an adjustable height button to manage it accordingly as per the height of the individual.

Quadripod Walking Stick: These sticks are used by people with walking disabilities and can’t handle their body weight. These sticks have a lightweight design with 4 sturdy legs and a good grip for daily movement.

Foldable Walking Stick: these sticks are very sleek and light-weighted with sectioned shafts that make it easy to fold a portable to keep and store.

Folding walkers: a walker has four sturdy legs that allow an individual to lean on it while walking for balancing and support, these are foldable which makes it easy to store and travel with.

Wheeled walkers: Walkers that have fitted wheels for easier mobility. These wheels are present on the front two legs, the wheel is usually fixed to go straight as one has to lift it to change directions.

Types of WheelChairs

Manual Wheelchairs- these chairs require force by the caretaker from behind the chair with handles situated near the backrest or by the person sitting on the wheelchair itself by grabbing the handles around the wheels for moving forward, backward, or changing the direction. These chairs do have options for the adjustable armrest and different seat sizes to make them comfortable for daily use.

Electric Power Wheelchairs- These wheelchairs have a sturdy quality and available in many designs these chairs have features like long battery life, joystick controller with parking brakes. The chair can be easily assembled or dismantled for ease while carrying in a car. A controller can be used on both left as well as the right side. Back support gives extra safety.

Mobility aids like walkers, walking sticks, and wheelchairs are mostly used by elderly people to maintain their balance and stability while they carry out their daily activities. Thus, they grant them the freedom to move freely 

Moglix is proud to offer a range of Mobility aids online for hospitals and individuals alike. From power wheelchairs to walking sticks, Moglix stocks up everything that is deemed essential for providing mobility to the deprived.

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Besides, by making proactive use of our filter feature, you can segregate mobility aids, based on price, brand, and discounts, which facilitate decision making to a great extent.

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