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Complete your office setup add a Table to cheers!

In the earlier blog, we talked about choosing the right office chair for your workspace haven’t read it yet? There you go! Read.

This blog will let you through another aspect of office furniture, i.e, office table. 

Choosing the right desk is a crucial part of employee productivity and efficiency. Like chairs, tables are also important for maintaining comfort within the office and at home. 

There are various options available in the market to choose your worktable. With more option comes more confusion. 

Let’s look at some types of tables available for your choice of selection.

Types of tables to choose from-

There are several types of tables to serve your different needs. People are well aware of what a table is and what it does. But what they don’t know is which type of table is used for which work. 

Let us clear out some air on it.

1.Computer table-

Computer Table

These are the ergonomic desks that are used for maintaining proper posture, comfort, and an aesthetically comfortable environment for work at your office or house workspace. 

These come with multiple features like an adjustable keyboard tray, space for desktop with sufficient hand space. Provisional holes for cables and cords are pre-designed to let easy set up of the computer components. It comes with an armoire designed for keeping keypads, mouse, monitor, speakers, etc.

These come in a variety of designs, shapes, and sizes. So, look out for the ones which suit you the best. 

Users can also get an ergonomic chair to complete their setup.

2.Outdoor tables-

Outdoor Table

These are also known as patio tables as they are typically designed and used outdoors. They are made from water-resistant materials and are rustproof.

They make up the best decor for the garden and patio or in the office open areas. You can have a cup of coffee, have meetings, or take a break while you relax your stuff on the table.

3. Study table –

Study Table

These tables are used to study or writing purposes. Depending on the size of your seating area, these come in different shapes and sizes. 

You can study, keep do your work there and if, at home, your children can use it. You can look out for drawers or shelves when you are looking for the study tables that can help you keep your books and stuff, while you sit back and work on it.

4. Laptop tables-

Laptop Table

These tables are designed in a way to give you a comfortable experience while working on a laptop. You can either work from your couch or bed while working efficiently on a laptop. 

These come with portable options and adjustable height to make your work easy and comfortable.

5.Round table

Round Table

As the name suggests these have a round table finish. These can be used indoors as well as outdoor depending on the size. This initiates a round table discussion that helps with co-worker plan, as it allows equal right to participate in the discussion.

6.Foldable and adjustable tables-

These tables are movable as these come with adjustable and foldable features. You can carry it along wherever you go. These are best for picnics and comfortable working from the various areas. So create your own workspace where ever you feel like. 

Now comes the part of the confusion. How do you know which table you should add to your cart while shopping from the wide variety of tables?

Here is a helping hand or helping blog to say!

Points to look for while shopping for a new table-

1.The space you have- 

While looking for the perfect desk measure the layout of your office space where you want to place it. Do you have a small area? A cubical? A large open area or a hall? Is it a cabin, a closed-doors office room? These points are essential to acquire the right size of your table. 

This also goes for the work from home office stations. You need to get an idea of the area you want to work in without disturbing your normal living space.

2.Work requirements-

As mentioned above, there are various types of tables that serve different purposes and work requirements. So, get a clear idea of what kind of work requirements you have and then choose from the wide options.

3.What’s your style?

After getting the measurements for the workspace, you need to understand the layout of your office space. The type of furniture and preference that your office has plays an important role. 

Same way at home do you like traditional or modern home decor and furniture matters. 

Choosing from various styles can be based on the following factors-

  1. Material –

The tables come in different materials – plastic, wooden, glass, etc.

When you are looking for the perfect table just the color does not makes up the style column. Look out for the preferred material based on the type of work and work atmosphere you have.

  1. Drawer or without drawers-

Tables come with unique designs and features. Some come with drawers and shelves attached to them. Whereas,  some on the other hand just have table finish. Consider the requirements you have and make the right choice.

Lookout play with different colors and designs from the wide variety of tables available in the market.

3.Your pocket-

The main vital point while buying anything is your budget!

Explore the wide market, consider each and every feature and work requirements you have.

Compare the prices and choose the best amongst the rest!

We hope that this will help you to choose the right table for your office or home workspace. To fill your cart and explore from the wide variety of office tables at one single stop visit www.moglix.com today!

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