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Best Heat Guns in the Market by Stanley & Black+Decker

A heat gun is a gadget that is used to discharge a wave of hot air. Heat gun has the form of an elongated body pointing at what is being heated, with a handle at its right angle and a trigger attached to it; it looks similar to a normal handgun. Hence, the name heat gun. 

Heat guns are pretty useful as hand tools. These are like hair dryers, but they produce more heat than any other hair blower. That lets you do the professional or DIY project of yours effectively and efficiently.

Stanley & Black+Decker offers the best heat guns in the market with a variety of features that make your task easy. So here we have bought you the best heat guns from Stanley & Black+Decker that you can order from Moglix, at affordable prices.

Black+Decker 1800W 2 Speed Heat Gun, KX1800

This Black & Decker heat gun is fit to be used for heavy work performance of decoration and refinishing tasks. With its features such as:

  • Airflow capacity- 500-650 lpm
  • Minimum voltage range- 220-240 V
  • Temperature range- 400-500° C
  • Frequency range- 50-60 Hz
  • Cable length- 2 meters

It has a power input of 1800 W, the product is complemented with an enhanced two heat setting feature. Its easy to grip pistol handle is convenient to be used in overstretched time periods.

  • Variable Heat Setting: 2 Stage.
  • Variable Temperature Control: Yes.
  • Can keep both the hand free for soldering or bending operations.
  • Perform many tasks with three temperature settings.
  • Lock-on switch for comfortable, hands-free use.
  • 1-Year Warranty on defects in material or workmanship at any StanleyBlack+Decker service center

Stanley 2000W Heat Gun, STXH2000

This STANLEY 2000W HEAT GUN is a great product that provides the best variable E heating service. This gun is very handy and works well in terms of heating. 

  • Airflow capacity- 300-500 l/min
  • Temperature range- 50 – 600° C 
  • Cable length- 3 meters

This gun lets you control the heat energy and can set it easily as per their convenience. 

Importantly the variable working of the product is quite good, as one can work with it on a large scale.

  • 2-Speed mode, heat gun with variable heat control giving maximum control in all heat gun applications.
  • Can keep both the hand free for soldering or bending operations.
  • Ergonomic handle design for comfortable use even over extended periods of time.
  • Lock-on switch for continuous use applications.
  • The standing facility allows using both hands for soldering or bending operations.
  • Variable heat setting for material-appropriate working and a large variety of applications.
  • 1-Year Warranty on defects in material or workmanship at any StanleyBlack+Decker service center

These Heat guns are designed to handle both DIY Projects and heavy-duty jobs like stripping old paint from sizable areas etc. Major uses of Heat guns are-

  • SHRINK WRAPPING–Its major use is in shrink wrapping. It heats the plastic film in such a way that the film gets tightly wrapped around the product with no residue left.
  • DRYING–Being a power tool, a heat gun is used, where short drying time is required. For example, drying a damp piece of wood or even drying a small surface which is just been painted.
  • REMOVING–Heat guns are also used for removing paints or even bumper stickers. It becomes easy to remove stickers as it softens the adhesives, making them removable.
  • HEAT SHRINK TUBE–Heat shrink tubes are the kind of tubes that shrink as soon as they come in contact with heat. They are widely used in joining electrical wires, etc.
  • SOFTENING–Any substance which is first liquid or soft before they turn solid or gets harden can usually be softened again with the use of a heat gun. For example, candle wax that has dripped onto a surface can harden up and leave a residue when it is scraped away. By heating, the wax then becomes removable.

It is important to note that the use of heat guns over particular material varieties can cause the development of dangerous fumes that can cause serious health issues. The users must make sure that the work area is well ventilated, whenever using a heat gun.

You can buy a vast variety of products for home and outdoor use from StanleyBlack+Decker on Moglix and get the best deals on power tools.

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