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Spanners are offered in a plethora of shapes, sizes and, styles for a diversity of applications. They help in carrying out day to day tasks, efficiently.

Spanners: Hand Tools You Must Possess

Spanners, although a bit distinct in shape and size, perform the same function as ratchets and sockets that is, tightening and loosening of fasteners. For instance, a box-end spanner proves to be an apt tool for loosening of stuck fasteners, without harming the ratchet mechanism. Whereas, an open-ended spanner, unwinds hex, as it fits around the fastener instead of over it. This provides the window to slip your spanner into a confined area, where there is not enough space for a socket to be stashed in.

Buy Spanners Online of Various Shapes and, Sizes

Spanners are offered in a plethora of shapes, sizes and styles for a diversity of applications. Some are designed and developed to work with standard fasteners while some spanners are best suitable for metric applications.

Double Open End Spanners

The double open end spanner is amongst the most widely used spanners pertaining to its broad practicality. The head of the spanner has its jaws counterbalanced by about 15 degrees from the root of the shaft. To an extent, this is because it provides the spanner with the flexibility to turn over and engage with different faces of the nuts. This comes as a boon when performing tasks in confined spaces. Moreover, when it comes to working in cramped spaces, there is another breed of spanners, known as, half-moon or, obstruction spanners, which are highly suitable when working in in capacious spaces. These spanners have one head designed such that they appear to be 90 degrees to the shaft, in addition, the shaft might also sport a subtle curve.

Ring spanners

Emulating its name, this type of spanner generally has a completely blocked and enclosed head, featuring either 6 or, 12 flats. There is not much of a distinction between the two, however, the one that exists is that 12 flats spanner engages upon corners of the nut, both, on hexagonal, as well as square bolts. A 6 flat spanner is usually crafted to fit against all 6 sides of hexagonal nuts, this ensures a firm fit and, permits a considerable amount of force to be applied.

There are a number of different spanners available over the marketplace. However, owing to restricted scribble space, we are not listing them here. If you would like to know more about various types of spanners online or, you wish to express the intent to buy spanners online, you can check our online industrial store, Moglix.com, for further information and buying solutions.

Online Spanners You Can Buy on Moglix

We stock diverse spanners, sporting different shapes and, sizes, sourced from various eminent brands, such as Venus, Ambitec, Eastman, GB Tools, Groz and, Akar. Therefore, shop for these premium spanners online and, unearth DIY enthusiast within you.



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