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Breathe in the fresh air- Air Purifiers

I’m having trouble to breathe,

It gets suffocating every time someone sweeps my breeds,

People are roaming in cars every day

Leaving the darkest fogs on their way

Cutting down the trees 

Creating all the mess and flees

My roots are breaking the nerves are shaking 

How do I take care of the AIR you breathe 

When I’m burning down in ashes killing the O2 that you breathe.

Hi, my name is earth, people call me a mother. I take care of my children, give them food they eat, fill the spaces that they need, and most importantly give all lives- the air to breathe.

I’m facing trouble changing the gases now. Humans that I created are creating gases that need to be eliminated. I need you to understand I’m suffering, tears are rolling down made of acids, the ozone layer is burning down to ember taking many lives, burning everything to ashes.

The thing is – it’s affecting all my creations and now is the time to create some blessings!

-A short note by our mother we named her Earth!

We, humans, are creating air pollution with all the good work we say we are doing in the name of development, future, and needs. We are forgetting about the drawbacks that we are implanting on the way.

According to the research, today the air we breathe is globally  97% polluted!

Are we really creating good for ourselves or we are just digging our own graves?

Think a moment and ask yourself, now it’s getting late!

How is air pollution affecting us?

Air pollution has become the 5th major risk factor for the death of 1 out of 10 people worldwide. In 2017, it has decreased life expectancy by 1 year and 8 months on average. It is not just the outdoor air that we breathe is getting toxic. Nearly half of the worldwide population is exposed to indoor pollution as well. 

The research shows that people are more likely to get affected by indoor pollution. As they spend half of their lives at home, school, industries, or business workspaces. 

The major time of our lives is spent inside. Hence, they are at risk of getting exposed to the problems by indoor pollution rather than outdoor. 

Many life taking health factors are associated with pollution. Some of which can be avoided and some which will leave no cure and solution.

We all are well aware of thousands of things that can be done about the pollution generated by vehicles, factories, and deforestation. But what you might not be aware of is the danger, causes, and solutions for the contaminated air inside our closed doors. 

Here is the catch! Some of the things that you need to know –

Indoor air pollution causes-

The harmful gases and particles in the air are not only emitted by outdoor sources but also indoor. There are various sources inside the closed doors from where the harmful gases and pollutants come into the air. That makes it polluted. 

Some of the causes of air pollution in your closed era are as follows-

1.Pollutants from inside sources-

There are many sources inside your households or workspace that emit harmful radiants and particles in the air. These include gases, kerosene, appliances, furnishing, building materials, personal care, hobbies, tobacco, central cooling or heating systems, and much more.

Example- Gas stoves if well adjusted, great if not boom! Emission of harmful gases.

2. Ventilation –

The amount of ventilation indoors has a great say in how much air crosses the area for the emission of indoor pollutants. If there is very little ventilation the air does not enter from outside and it moreover accumulates in the indoor air which causes a lot of health problems.

So altogether a lot of sources and things that happen inside the house or a closed area increase the level of certain gases and particles in the air. The air becomes contaminated therefore polluted and harmful to breathe in. Ventilation is also important for maintaining the proper balance in and out.

Earth – Paranoid to sit inside now?

Humans at least did one good job of finding the solution for this other than trying to manage the situations. For the benefit and for you to breathe fresh and safe air inside, created- AIR PURIFIERS!

What is an air purifier?

An appliance created to pure out the harmful gases, dust, and particles emitted through various sources indoors to give you clean and fresh air to breathe in – An air purifier!

It eliminates the bad air creeps that enter your apartments or office and prevents the risk of harmful diseases and allergies. purifier neutralizes the threat of harmful pollutants that enters the doors if you are living in an apartment or a disaster or pollutant-prone area. It also purifies the particles created in the air through various indoor activities.

How does it work?

An air purifier contains filters some of them have multiple filters and a fan that circulates the air. It sucks the air, the particles and pollutants are captured. It is purified by the filters and the clean and safe pure air is pushed out in the living space. 

 The filters require maintenance and timely replacement to work efficiently. 

Hence, while choosing the correct air purifiers do not only check the price but also the maintenance cost. The replacement cost of the filters to maintain purity or air and your pocket.

So you see clean the mother Earth and keep her happy because all your life and others depend on it. Do not pollute the air!

Keep it safe and to maintain safety in your house and breathe in the fresh and safe air. Get an air purifier for yourself and your loved ones today. To know more and check out the best and insured air purifiers visit www.moglix.com. Have a safe air ahead!

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