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Safe welding? These Machines Cover All Risks!

There are several techniques that can join metals with the application of welding. In these techniques, energy is converted into heat form, which ultimately results in the melting of alloy or metal. In melted form, it’s easy to join metal with other metal or alloy with the help of a welding machine. 

However, there is not just a single welding machine that is suitable for all welding projects. These machines have different types and use for every level of the welding job.

There are 4 types of welding machines.

  1. MIG Welding
  2. TIG Welding
  3. FLUX Welding
  4. STICK Welding

Uses of these welding machines


MIG Welding is one of the easiest machines to use and has proven to be fast and economical. Any inexperienced welder can handle this machine for creating adequate joints. It provides cleaner welds with no slags. However, this machine works with a constant supply of shielding gas from a bottle, which makes it difficult for outdoor work.


MIG Welding is suitable for Steel, Aluminium alloys, Stainless steel, and Silicon Bronze.

TIG Welding is the toughest welding process to learn, as it provides precise and high-quality welds on thin materials. We mostly use these in automotive and architectural welding work for a clean welding process with no slags. High-end TIG machines with pulse capacity provide fine welds with lesser heat-affected zones.


TIG welding can work on metals like steel, aluminum alloys, stainless steel, copper, brass, and precious materials like titanium and magnesium.

Flux Cored Welding can easily work on rusty and dirty materials and mostly suitable for welding thick materials with a higher deposition rate. These machines come in two variants- with and without gas, the without gas variant are more preferred for outdoor use.  


We recommend flux Cored machines for welding steel, stainless steel, and aluminum alloys.

Stick welding is easy to set up as it uses stick electrodes instead of wires, it can effectively work on thick and rusty metals. These machines are best suited for faster repairing and outside jobs 


Stick welding can used effectively on cast iron, stainless steel, and steel.

Welding is not simply just about conjoining two metallic objects, but it is also about heating objects to an end and constructing or reconstructing them into a new shape. For example, most machinery parts of an Air conditioner and automobiles like cars require welding, Even designing and welding the parts of jewelry together needs a specially designed welding machine that creates only fewer degrees of heat for creative designs.

This is a creative work that helps us to build many architectural and automotive designs but ensuring one’s safety while using welding machines to build these creative designs is equally important.

Welding Safety Concerns

These processes can cause several dangers and risks to your health and body, hence it is necessary to be aware of these risks and take precautions to protect yourself from it.

Electric shock- this is one of the riskiest threats that may cause serious injuries. This is caused when you are wearing wet clothing or while leaning on the metal workpiece.

Using plywood or rubber mats that you may stand upon will help in avoiding the electric shocks while working with the welds.

Noise Hazards- while working with a welding machine you might expose yourself to loud noises that can damage your ears and may result in permanent hearing loss and ear impairment with several side effects like increased blood pressure and heart rate, and dizziness.


Hearing protection should be used if the noise level exceeds the regulatory standards. if the damage is done, it can be really difficult to restore the hearing loss.

Exposure to UV rays- looking at these UV lights while welding without proper welding goggles may be very painful to your eyes as well this regular exposure may cause loss of vision. Not wearing the dedicated accessories may cause particles and sparks to enter the eyes during the welding process.


Exposure to Fumes and Gases-This exposure can cause several health issues depending upon the kind of fumes and gases you got exposed to as well as the duration of the exposure. 

These exposures can cause many types of illness like asthma, cancer, throat irritation, pneumonia, etc.

These problems usually occur when welders think they can skip taking precautions for a few quick welds. This is a dangerous practice. We suggest you follow precautions and wear a safety kit.

above we mentioned the safety concerns related to the welding process, let’s discuss what are the steps and gadgets that you can use to protect yourself while working on these machines.

Welding Safety Precautions 

Ignoring your safety while performing any welding activities may cause many health-related problems mentioned above. Therefore, it’s a must to follow the safety guidelines and take precautions to protect yourself while working with welding machines.   

Always Wear Appropriate PPE

Personal protective equipment(PPE) is a necessary safety kit that we use while working with welding machines as this kit ensures total safety, including:-

Welding helmets– these helmets protect you from being exposed to harmful UV rays, harmful particles, and chemical burns.

Respirators- These protect you from inhaling harmful fumes and gases during the welding process.

Fire-resistant clothes- these protect you from heat and fire and shield you from body burns. Always opt for leather or flame-resistant treated cotton.

Ear protection- it is important to wear ear protection to cover your ears from high noises. There are many fire-resistant ear muffs protecting you from sparks and burns from entering the ear.

Boots and gloves- these accessories can save you from electric shocks, fires, and burns. Their rubber-soled hand gloves and toe-capped safety shoes.

These are some accessories that can help you secure your health and body a lot while working with a welding machine and doing the creative work of welding with no or fewer damages.

At Moglix, we pay a good deal of attention to the challenges that industry-based customers face during the welding process. Therefore, we have sourced the latest range of welding machines from well-known brands like IBELL, GK, CHESTON, etc. We have kept the prices of these tools within a reasonable range to suit the budget of buyers.

To gain the latest range of welding equipment, select from the assorted collection available at Moglix.

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