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Best Inverter Batteries

Best Inverter Batteries in India 2020: A Complete Buyer’s Guide

The power supply is very important for a smooth and comfortable life. We rely on power for most of our daily activities like cooking, washing clothes, home temperature maintenance and more. Electricity has become a staple in our lives. 

However, there are so many towns and cities in India that still suffer from continuous power failures – 2-3 hours in winters and 8 hours or more in summers. Due to these power cuts, life becomes extremely difficult. This is where power backups or inverters come to your rescue. 

Inverters are one of the best inventions in the human world. Once you have installed it at your home or office, you don’t have to worry about a power outage. However, choosing the right inverter has to come with selecting the appropriate battery, which can be a tough task. 

Hence, we have brought this complete guide that can help you to choose the right inverter battery. We have compiled all the aspects of inverter batteries and listed them for you that will help you to choose the perfect battery for your inverter. 

4 Best Inverter Batteries in India

Here is the list of the best inverter batteries available in the market. We have compiled the best batteries for you to make it easier for you to decide on which one to buy. 

Exide 150Ah 12V Invatubular Battery

Did you know that Exide is one of the leading manufacturers of inverter batteries in India? This inverter battery by Exide is of 12 V and can be installed on many different machines, such as UPS, power packs, solar, lab equipment, etc. 


  • Premium range – the ultimate inverter battery
  • Works great in tough conditions
  • Tough battery with thicker plates
  • The battery has long life – 1200 cycles at 80% DOD
  • It has more electrolyte per ampere-hour

Amaron 165 Ah Tall Tubular Battery

Amaron provides a wide range of inverter batteries to suit varying needs. This Amaron inverter 165 Ah tall tubular battery is compatible with all the inverters irrespective of their brands. This battery uses heat resistant calcium and hybrid alloy for its grids which makes it low-maintenance. 


  • It has high heat tolerance capacity which makes it perfect for Indian weather conditions
  • Has the highest reserve capacity
  • Less prone to water loss and contains a low lead reserve
  • The battery has easy and fast charging capacity

Pulstron 12V 180Ah Long Life Jumbo Tubular Inverter Battery

Pulstron is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of power solution accessories. They have a rich history spanning more than 30 years in the electronics and electrical business. The battery – Pulstron Long Life Jumbo Tubular Inverter Battery, which they offer is one of the best in the section. 


  • This is a lead-acid battery
  • The electrolyte volume of the battery is 6 litre
  • It also has water indication level in numbers

Luminous 160 Ah Tubular Battery

Luminous is a well-known brand and is known as one of the best manufacturers of inverters throughout India. This battery by Luminous has a patented alloy composition which protects it from corrosion. The battery is also designed to withstand longer power cuts. 


  • The battery has tubular plates technology
  • It has better charge acceptance and long back up
  • High purity, extra strong, flexible oxidation-resistant for better performance and long life
  • It has a high durability with sealed plastic housing
  • The battery is very easy to maintain as it has level indicators
  • It also has boost charging so can charge at a faster rate

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Inverter Battery

If you have an inverter at your home, you would know that battery is its most important part. We have already discussed the top inverter batteries available in India and now here are some tips that will help you to choose the perfect battery for your inverter. 

  • Quality – Make sure that the battery you are going to buy is made from high-quality material so that it can last for longer. 
  • Brand – Getting the inverter batteries from the top brand would be wiser as these are built with great precision. Also, the branded inverter battery will have a warranty, which will help in replacement in case of any manufacturing defects. 
  • Efficiency – Make sure that the battery is efficient enough and has a good power capacity. You can check the battery capacity as per your power consumption. Check how many appliances or gadgets you use at your home or office, and it will help you to choose the right battery capacity. 
  • Compatible to Your Inverter – This is a very important factor. Check that the battery you are purchasing is compatible with your inverter or not. All the batteries mentioned above are compatible with most of the inverters available in the market. 

Different Types of Inverter Batteries

There are three types of inverter batteries, so before buying you must be aware of all the types of batteries. 

Lead Acid Battery 

The lead-acid battery is the most common one. This type of battery is inexpensive, has a huge capacity and is lightweight. But this battery requires high maintenance and you need to check the electrolyte level and you need to keep topping it regularly. 

Maintenance-Free Battery 

These batteries are also known as gel batteries. These are lead-acid batteries that need minimum maintenance. This type of battery uses gel and absorbent glass mat. Due to this it is more expensive and has a shorter lifespan. 

Tubular Battery 

These batteries are more complex in design as compared to the above-mentioned battery types. However, this battery has a longer lifespan and better efficiency with low maintenance. This is one of the best batteries to be used. 

These are the top inverter batteries available in India from which you can choose the one as per your requirement. I hope you found this helpful and now you can easily choose the one for your inverter. If you are looking to buy the best battery, you can also visit our website – moglix.com, and explore different types of batteries for your inverter and get them at the best price.

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