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Fall Protection is Necessary – Know Why?

Falls are one of the most common causes of injury or death of workers at a job site. To eliminate the hazards associated with working at heights, employees should use fall protective equipment. 

What is Fall from Heights?

Fall from height means a worker falls from a height and gets injured. It also includes falling from a step ladder, falling off from a roof, or through an unguarded hole. To control injuries in these situations, fall protection equipment is important. There are some other events where it is necessary to use fall protection equipment:

  • Fixed suspended work platforms
  • Aerial devices
  • Forklift platforms
  • Suspended equipment
  • Personnel carrying equipment

Types of Fall Protection

Depending on the industry, different equipment is available to provide fall protection to workers:

Roof Safety System: For general maintenance, frequent inspection of all roofs is required. If there are any cracks on roofs, repair them. To provide safety to workers when entering and exiting a rooftop, ladder safety systems, either wire-based or rail-based systems, are a good idea. 

Collective Fall Protection: These are designed for fragile rooftops, walkways, skylights and ladders gantries for safe working.

Guardrails Edge Protection: It is opposed to a personal protective system. When maintenance and inspections require regular access, it provides edge protection for roofs. 

Fall Protection Anchor Points: For high-level window cleaning or general maintenance jobs, single anchor points and eyebolts are the best options. Workers working at these sites can make a secure anchor by clipping their safety harness to permanently installed sockets.

Several reasons make fall protection necessary for any business:

Legal Reasons

There are some standards that an employer must follow to protect and prevent their workers from hazards. So, employers are required to take job safety seriously. Here are some points for employers that they must follow:

  • Create a safe work environment for workers
  • To prevent employees from falling off from elevated locations or dangerous equipment and machinery, employers must imply some protection system
  • Fall protection must be in good condition and installed in such a way that it minimizes injuries
  • Training should be given to workers about hazards and for selecting, using and maintaining appropriate equipment and systems

Personal Safety

Accidents cause injuries, pain, and in some cases even death. This is one of the most obvious reasons for installing and using the correct safety system. It gives a positive impact on workers. If employees feel safe, their productivity also gets increased, they feel motivated and perform tasks efficiently.

Business Success

High-quality job performances reduce costs and increase profitability. A reputed company that finishes a project on time without any hazards or accidents sees success.

These are some important points related to fall protection that should be considered if workers are working at height. For buying a fall protector, log on to moglix.com. It is an online platform that offers durable and affordable products of reliable brands. 

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