Mixer Grinder- The best friend to any household

Mixer Grinder is an electronic kitchen equipment that is used to mix and grind various food items.

 It is compact in size and plays an important role in preparation of food. This appliance has made our task easy when it comes to trying our culinary skills. In the fast-moving world , it is always best to possess equipment that makes our work easy and saves time. If you love cooking amazing dishes for your friends and family, you must have a super performing mixer grinder with you.

It usually comes with three different sets of jars created out of high quality. These jars are incorporated with multi-use blades that can perform all sorts of chores in a little time. The bigger jars are used to mix liquids/shakes etc. The smaller jar helps you to grind all kinds of chutneys and spices. There is another jar for grinding dry items. The whole unit of mixer grinder has a powerful motor with the ability to rotate and churn at a high speed. The high rotation allows the blades to perform all sorts of tasks with utmost efficiency.

Different types of Mixer grinder-

Hand blenders

This is a hand-held appliance used to blend and mix cooking ingredients in a semi-liquid state. It has a motor and can be used with any type of bowl. Basically egg beaters and buttermilk churners fall in this category.

Stand Mixer

Stand mixer is a powerful machine used to mix semi solid kind of foods.

The Grinder

The grinder is a comparatively stronger machine used to grind substances into a powdery form. You can use it to grind both wet and dry food items. The common usage is for grinding cereals, lentils, and spices. These can be further sub- categorized into Coffee grinder and meat grinder

Factors to be considered while buying a Mixer Grinder:

Brand preferences and their pricing

Most of us are very particular about choosing a particular brand when it comes to home appliances. There are several mixer grinders available across brands .The price of every mixer grinder depends on features it offers and also on the brand. Some brands may demand a premium, for features you might find on a lower priced product. You need to make a choice, based on the budget you have.

Top-quality complemented by an affordable price

A choice among the best brands will provide you items of top quality with extra benefits such as discounts on cards, EMI services, excellent warranty, and better after sale service. Every leading brand offers 2 or 3 years of warranty with the provision of replacement if the appliance develops any complaints other than physical issues within the warranty period. Customer care service is also available.

Stylish and efficient design

Mixer grinders come in a variety of colors, design and with many features. Most of the mixer grinders are with 3 to 4 jars weighing in the range of 5 to 6 kg. The jar vessels carry out different tasks, such as mixing, grinding, chopping, juicing, etc. Some mixer grinders have juicer attachments by which you may prepare different juices and milkshakes easily. The insulated mixer grinder body will prevent you from getting electric shocks.

The blades of the mixer grinder are of amazing quality made of stainless steel that will establish the required grinding operation within seconds. The closures of the jars should be see-through and break-resistant.

An analysis on power consumption

One should also investigate power consumption while buying an appliance. Each individual should keep an eye on the wattage value of the device in order to save money. The mixer grinders could be chosen in the range from 600 to 800 wattage values.

Speed of the mixer grinder

RPM is another important evaluating factor that will decide the efficiency of your grinder. It tells you the rotations the grinder takes in one minute. The higher RPM, means superior speed. A domestic mixer grinder will function in the range of 18000 to 23000 RPM which accounts to a right choice.  There must be effective and efficient regulator knobs to adjust the speed from high to low or vice versa. An ordinary grinder will have 3-speed settings in it. However, advanced versions have four settings.

Choosing the right size

It is always better to keep a mixer grinder that fits your kitchen and day to day needs. Mixer grinders come in various volumes and capacities. The right size will save the user from the trouble of storing it.

For a small family, always go for the medium-sized dry plus wet grinders . For joint family, as the grinding needs will be higher,

you may choose a bigger one. For business needs, a larger sized grinder is needed for sure to meet the every day multiple customer needs.

Easy cleaning

Cleaning a mixer grinder often becomes a tiring task. Go for a mixer grinder that has non sticky features and has smooth surfaces as it is difficult to squeeze your hand in between the blades to take off the left overs of the previous grinding, which could at times result in injuries These kinds of handling will sometime result in injuries.Hence one should visit in the cleaning guidelines in the pamphlet once before.

Blades of Mixer Grinder

Before selecting a mixer, its also essential to know about the blades attached to it. There are different types of blades used in mixer grinders and each one has a particular usage. So you need to choose the right blade for the right purpose /application for good results and efficiency.

Usually blades are made of steel, aluminium, bronze, brass or plastic material.

Make sure that the material in the blade is stainless steel and preferably of 304 grade. The grade of steel matters, as it tells you whether the steel is resistant to oxidation and corrosion. High-quality steel blades also retain their sharpness for a long period of time.

Last but definitely not the least! The price of your mixer grinder will depend upon the features it offers you as well as the overall quality and standard. There are some inexpensive options in the market, but they may not have the best features and would not be able to serve you the best.

We at Moglix recommend some value for money products from the well known brands Bajaj , Phillips, Usha Electricals, which will serve as the perfect appliance in your kitchen.

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