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Must-Have Hand Tools for Every DIY Lover

For every DIY lover, a well-equipped toolbox is a must. And, this toolbox should contain a set of tools that can not only increase productivity but also ease operation. If you are also a DIY lover, you too must be having a lot of tools in your toolbox. These tools might get the job done, but do you really know if you have the right tools or not? As you improve your DIY skills, your project requires better tools and that means you can’t think of a well-organized toolbox without these tools. 

In this blog, we will discuss some must-have tools for every DIY enthusiast. So, let’s go through the list to find out what you need to get your job done. 


This is one of the most basic instruments that you can find in every household, shop, or factory. A hammer is also one of the most accessible and functional devices. If you own a hammer, you can build furniture, frame, or any other product. If you need a good assistant for your new DIY project then buying a hammer will be a wise decision. 


A screwdriver is a versatile tool that can help in several DIY projects. Despite the common notion, screwdrivers not only help in fixing broken electronics but also in accomplishing big construction and DIY projects. There are a number of things in your home or office that are assembled with the help of screws like furniture, lamps, doors, outlet covers and much more. Now, if you are a DIY lover, you would like to assemble your own furniture and perform many other small jobs in your office or home. This can be easily done with screwdrivers. DIYers will vouch for a good screwdriver kit that can help in fixing almost everything.

Tape Measure

Not only DIY jobs, but accurate measurements are a must in each and every project you take; for these accurate measurements, tape measures are the best tool. However, this precision tool is highly underrated. 

If you want accurate measurements, you need a good tape measure. These are useful in checking the size of a pipe, hanging a picture in the correct position, finding the area of a wall to be painted, measuring the space where new appliances need to fit and many more other works. Although tape measures are not very high-tech and innovative, these are actually worth more than you can imagine. 


During any DIY project, there are times when tightening or loosening the screws with screwdriver becomes time taking, in such a situation, pliers come to your rescue. You can work on the screws and also hold things easily with the help of these pliers. 

Hand Saws

When doing woodwork, you would need a sharp and sturdy hand saw. This tool is versatile and can be used for both indoor and outdoor projects, ranging for carpentry to renovation and more. Using a sharp and well-designed hand saw not only makes your job easier but also gives an amazing finish to the complete project.

Now, to keep all these tools and more in an organized and safe way, you need a good toolbox. 

A sturdy,  well-organized toolbox will help you to find your tools whenever you need them. Toolboxes also protect the tools. You can find a variety of toolboxes in different sizes and shapes, which help in taking your DIY tools wherever you go. 

However, any tool beyond the basics is only worth buying if you are going to use it regularly. There are several types of hand tools available which you can choose depending on your requirement. Build your DIY skills and buy the above-mentioned hand tools from Moglix and perform your job smoothly and efficiently. 

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