Myths About a Diamond Saw Blade

Diamond saw blades are a fixture in every handyman’s toolbox. These cutting tools are incredibly important for various jobs. Thus, these are worth for a contractor’s investment. But unfortunately, some owners wear out a diamond saw blade before it reaches to its standard life span because they do not have proper knowledge about it. 

Owners often get various tips on how to choose these tools and how to use them properly. But among all the tips, they don’t know how many are really true. So, here, check the most common myths about a diamond saw blade that you should stop believing.

Bigger or Taller Segment Heights are Necessary for Blade’s Longer Life: This statement is farthest from the truth. The life of a diamond saw blade depends on a lot of factors like the amount of diamond concentrated, its mesh size, the amount of coolant used, operating speed, the depth, and length of the cut, etc. 

If the latter has fewer diamonds, the blade with a shorter segment height can outlast with twice the height. There is no role of the metal in the survival of the saw blade. It’s all in the diamonds. There are so many factors that affect the blade’s life, but the segment isn’t one of them.

For Cutting Through Any Material, ‘Cut-All’ Diamond Blades are Perfect: Diamond blades are meant for some specific tasks. Some are made to cut through softer te more abrasive material while others cut harder materials. If you use the blade for the work that is not designed for it, can cause adverse effects. You can save money by using the blades appropriately. 

First, understand that what different blades can achieve. After that, you are ready to go and you will also save a ton. 

Cheap Blades Work Same as Expensive Ones: It is as simple as that you get what you pay. More expensive ones have more diamonds for different kinds of blades while ess expensive blades use more synthetic crystals. 

It’s all in the bond, tensioning, and other things to make diamond blades. A good budget helps make any product better. 

One Diamond Blade is Same as the Rest: From style, grade to cutting, you can see several diamond-saw blades in the market. Each blade has a different mesh size, chip size for crystals, and even the amount of diamonds. You cannot use one blade for all kinds of cutting jobs. 

Diamond blades are not simple tools. A lot of Science is implemented into creating each blade. These are an investment and use these tools smartly so that you can achieve the perfect result.

Facts About Diamond Saw Blades

Here are a few facts that you may not know about these blades:

  • These blades are made in three forms: Circular, Gangsaw, Band Saw.
  • Diamond saw blades are manufactured by 3 different methods, electroplating, vacuum brazing, sintering. 
  • Electroplating means that diamonds are embedded into the metal coating.
  • Vacuum brazing welds diamond particles onto the outside of a saw blade.
  • Sintering uses metal-bonded diamonds.
  • Diamond blades are not used in cutting, these are used for grinding.
  • You can use these blades in wet or dry weather.
  • Water keeps the blade away from overheating. 
  • For proper cutting, it is essential to have quality and grit diamond.

After reading the information provided above, you can get clarity about the myths and facts related to a diamond saw blade. Understand them and try not to repeat the mistakes. 

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