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Keep Your Face Protected with the Right PPE

Staying safe at the workplace is very important for every worker and when it comes to safety, there is nothing more important than proper face protection. We all know that the human face is quite vulnerable to a wide range of threats that can result in serious injuries. These injuries can be absolutely devastating. To prevent your face from such risks, it is important to select the right PPE that can reduce exposure to hazards. 

Safety gears and protective equipment, like the best face shield, are vital especially for a worker who performs his job in a compromising or dangerous work environment. This involves a work environment that can put you at risk of dealing with safety hazards that can harm any part of your face. 

Face shields are PPE devices that are used by many workers for the face protection and associated mucous membranes from splashes, sprays, and spatter of many fluids. 

Let’s understand the hazards for which this PPE can be used. 

Different Types of Hazards

No matter which work environment you are working in, there are always many risks and threats to your face. It is very important to identify the specific hazards that exist in your workplace so that you can choose the right PPE. The following are some general concepts that can help you to identify what risks exist in your workplace.

  • Physical Damage – The entire human body is susceptible to physical damage at the job site; however, your face is the most fragile. Any object hitting your leg may hurt, but if the same object hits your face that can cause a lot more damage. To avoid these injuries, look for the types of things in a facility that may cause physical damage to the face and how that risk can be reduced. 
  • Gases and Fumes – If you work in a chemical or gas industry, you may inhale dangerous particles through your mouth and nose. Hence, it becomes extremely important to monitor gases and fumes that can cause health risks. Some of the harmful gases can also cause eye irritation or serious damage; hence, it becomes very important to protect your face from such hazards. 
  • Dust and Small Particles – Dust and debris do not harm most parts of the body, but if inhaled or get into the eyes, it could be a major problem. So, it becomes important to protect yourself from these dust and small particles. 
  • Heat – Your body has the ability to sustain high temperatures for a time, but not the face. So, if you are someone who does welding and is exposed to heat and fire, it is very important to protect your face. 

Choosing the Right PPE for Your Face Protection

Once you have identified the specific face risks in your facility, it is time to choose the right PPE to keep you safe. There are different PPE available, and choosing the right balance between protection, comfort, and budget can be difficult.

Proper Protection Equipment is the most important consideration; however, many people avoid wearing it because it is uncomfortable. Working with employees in the workplace to determine which specific protective equipment is the best is a great way to ensure that everyone is as safe as possible.  

So, let’s understand the types of safety gear for face protection.

Different Safety Gear for Face Protection

There are many types of face protection available, and some of the most popular face protection gear available are mentioned below. Based on your specific situation, you can choose the one that works best for you. 

Protective Glasses

Safety glasses are one of the most common types of PPE that are used in the workplace. Safety glasses will typically shield the eyes from debris and small particles. For added protection, you can also get the glasses that wrap around the sides. These protective glasses are made from different materials, depending on the environment they will be used. 

Welding Masks

You may have seen people working in the welding industry wearing these masks. Though these welding masks are mostly restricted for the welding industry only, these masks are highly effective in preventing your face from serious injuries that could be caused by high temperature, heat, and bright light. 

Full Face Masks

Full face masks cover the entire face and often down the neck as well. These masks are very popular and often come attached to a hard hat. It has a transparent shield that covers the face and neck. Full face masks are excellent for areas where physical risks to the face are prominent. 

Gas Masks

If you are someone who works in areas where toxic gases or fumes may be present, having a clean air supply is very essential. You can buy gas masks that just cover the mouth and nose or the ones that cover the entire head for better protection. These masks can be chosen depending on the types of gases, fumes or other chemicals the employees are working with. 

As we all know face protection is one of the most important aspects of workplace safety, it is also relatively simple compared to some other aspects. Once you have identified the risks that exist at your workplace, it is just a matter of finding the right personal protection equipment that will work best for your workers and employees. There are several options to choose from, so take the time to find the perfect way to protect you and your employee’s face at the workplace. You can browse through our website moglix.com and check the face protection category to choose the best equipment that will give complete protection to your face. 

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