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Respiratory masks provide protection against development of illnesses, as it filters out most of the suspended particulate matter in the air.

Stay Protected – Your Respiratory Mask Can Help You Remain Healthy!

Recent research has identified a number of dynamics, which have actually discouraged some workers from making use of and, wearing their respiratory protective equipment, or in simpler terms, respiratory masks. This article has been developed, solely as an informative tool, for raising awareness about the advantages of wearing respiratory masks and, more importantly, wearing them correctly!

Why Should I Wear a Respiratory Mask, when I can put a Handkerchief On my face?

The main benefit of wearing a mask is that it helps prevent you from getting ill and, thereby, helps you keep working, without any abrupt brake in life. Precisely, it provides protection against development of illnesses, as it filters out most of the suspended particulate matter in the air, which else might have an adverse effect on your airways – as it has the ability to significantly reduce the quality and, length of your life.

In a nutshell, by making use of a respiratory mask, you can actually avert the development of symptoms of respiratory illness caused by inhalation of dangerous substances at work, respiratory illness for instance, coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness or difficulty in breathing. The above mentioned facts are something, which your handkerchief might not bless you with.

On What Grounds Shall I Filter Out An Appropriate Respiratory Mask For Myself?

Before you start, check out our previous blog, helping you shop for the best respiratory masks online.

Now, reverting to the subject, the most important thing is, to really delve deeper into choosing the mask, which will ultimately help you to finalize upon a more comfortable and suitable, respiratory mask for you. There are a number of different masks available in the market, with different sizes and designs. Depending on the shape and size of your face, you may require a different mask. One size does not fit all.

Some masks require a tight fit to your face, plausibly; your selection process should be such that it helps make sure that the mask forms a good seal to your face. At first, the mask may feel uncomfortable, we are including this piece of information, because we have come across numerous instances where people have experienced some resistance or a slight increase in the effort required to breathe through your mask.

If this is something you cannot tolerate and, you are employed in an industrial scenario, then we would recommend that you get in touch with your employer or safety representative about the possibility of using a distinct type of mask, which is more ergonomic in nature and, is comfortable to wear and, still provides the level of protection you require for your intended work usage. For instance, during heavy manual work you might be more comfortable using an air-fed or powered respirator. Some masks, like disposable dust masks, should be replaced every day. Reusable masks are generally not of a premium quality and will eventually become clogged and, you may notice it becomes harder to breathe through – which means the filter needs changing.

Therefore, we hope we were able to establish a succinct understanding of the necessity, of making a proactive use of respiratory masks, in this grave scenario of, pollution and, smog.

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