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Reasons to use stabilizers, how to choose a right voltage stabilizer

Common reasons for low voltage

Most of the devices associated with our day-to-day activities require a smooth and steady flow of electric supply. Diminishing voltage can cause great disappointment for us.

One of the most important problems is voltage fluctuation.

In simple terms, voltage fluctuation is a continuous change in the voltage when devices or appliances that require a higher load are extensively used. Extreme cases of voltage fluctuation can cause heavy damage to your life and property. It is important to investigate the root cause of the voltage fluctuation in your household or office.

 What is a voltage stabilizer? 

A voltage stabilizer is a device to automatically maintain a constant voltage level.

It is an electrical device that is used to provide a stable voltage output to a load at its output terminals irrespective of any variations in the input i.e incoming supply.

The basic purpose of a voltage stabilizer is to protect the heavy goods, which consume heavy electricity ( for example air conditioning unit, refrigerator,TV etc)

 Both analog and digital automatic voltage stabilizers are used in offices or at home.

Single phase voltage stabilizers provide us with the output of 220-230 volts or three phases which provide with the output of 380/400 volts.

There are three things that can happen when the power supply is insufficient- voltage fluctuations, power surges and spikes. The effects of this diminishing voltage include poor appliance performance, dim lighting and intermittent stopping of lights etc. Because of this, the appliances do not receive a proper amount of power they need, they become overheated and thus stop functioning properly.

Imbalance in wires affect the distribution of power

The uneven distribution of these wires are found in every house may cause diminishing voltage.

They are connected from the electrical device to the house.

One wire is called a neutral regulator.

Any mishappening that happens to these wires compels one wire to overlap with the other and thus the wire which is overworked starts giving low voltage.

How to choose a right voltage stabilizer

A voltage stabilizer is an efficient solution for our homes at a reasonable cost.

While buying a voltage stabilizer people get very confused.

As a buyer you need to understand the utility and purpose of a voltage stabilizer. You need to understand the total power ratings of your device. Accordingly buy a good voltage stabilizer based on the power consumption and KVA rating of your appliance.

Voltage Stabilizers have now become the basic need of every household. It protects the appliances at your home from damage and gives them a long life. Moglix  comes-up with innovative technology features and reliable design to safeguard all the connected appliances  from voltage fluctuations. We offer wide range of digital stabilizers to protect your  appliances from innumerable power surges and voltage spikes.You may check online for the best price from our varied brands such as Luminous, Microtek, V-Guard, Pulstron, etc

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