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When Visibility Drops – Use Fog Lamps

Most vehicles come with only high and low beam light headlights. But these lights are not sufficient while driving during foggy conditions. To drive safely in such conditions, fog lights have been introduced. But it is quite surprising that many drivers do not really understand when those lights should be used. The simple answer is–foggy.!!!

These fog lights work in poor visibility conditions, including fog, mist, snow, and even sand storms. They place these lights in the lower bumper cover on most modern vehicles. The low placement of fog lights on a vehicle makes it easier for the light beam to hit the road without interference. Fog lights are not just used for reflection; these lights are also aware of other drivers about your presence on the road.

 Why Use Fog Lamp?

Fog lights provide better visibility on the road during fog and other unfavorable conditions. We can describe benefits as:

  •  Improved vehicle visibility in poor weather
  •  Improved driving comfort
  •  Security gain
  •  Savings (use quality bulbs)

When to use Fog Lamps?

Fog Lights are auxiliary lights as these cannot be a substitute light for the regular headlights because of their short-range, so fog lights together with your main headlights to improve visibility in situations such as;


Fog is a cloud on the ground that can be thin or thick, meanwhile, it creates difficulty to see through it. We mostly use fog lights for these situations to see through the clouds. Since it’s placed on the bottom of your car, so they hit the ground and provide clear visibility to the road markings.

Heavy Rain

These lights do give a plus point during heavy rains, as the main headlight may not be effective during rainfall. In these situations, fog lamps give you a clear vision to see the road in front of you.

Dust Storms

Dust storms mostly occur mostly in northwest India, which can be a concern for your safety and visibility. Here, fog lamps will only help you illuminate only part of the road so you can pull out of the way of the storm and save yourself from this risky mess.

Fog lights are placed downward and have a very short range as mentioned above in the blog these auxiliary lamps have many benefits that may or may not be important to you but concerning your safety and driving comfort, these do have a plus point for you to install them in your cars.

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