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5 Must Have Tools to create your own Kitchen Garden

Gardening is an absolute pleasure, a stress buster and a refreshing activity for many of us in our busy bustling cities today. Like kids, those who loved tending to plants and flowers, still like to water, trim and take care of the beautiful greenery. Therefore, Moglix has listed down 5 absolutely essential gardening tools for you that will help any amateur gardener nurture his/her kitchen garden well.

Gardening Khurpas: The first tool that comes to mind whenever one gets down to sowing something or to simply dig the soil is Khurpa. This long flat blade tool is very useful to prepare a soil bed for your plant, weed out any unwanted flora from your garden and also helps in transferring plants from one place to another by carefully digging around the roots. The wooden handle gives a solid grip to the gardener while the blade is multi-purpose and is most efficiently used in a sit-down position.

Scissors: The next best thing after khurpas are scissors which can be used in various ways to make one’s kitchen garden look exciting and amazing. Like Edward Scissorhands, this tool is the lifeline of every small or big time gardener. Scissors come in handy when we want to do some small-scale digging or snip some herbs from the garden, trim shrubs to a creative shape or simply open a bag of nutrient-rich soil or seeds to sow in the pot. You will never see a regular gardener without a pair of scissors.

Pruning Shears: Snip those florals and trim your plants into creative shapes using these pruning shears which with their bent blades help to prune woody plants and thorny shrubs. They are generally lightweight, come in various sizes and easy to use & maintain. Use these to prune the thorny rose vines or to keep your lemon tree in shape.

Garden Gloves: Now we know that you are in love with your cute kitchen garden but who would want their hands to tell the story of all the hard work that goes behind the beauty of your creations. Hence, we recommend you to always use gloves to keep your hands safe from excessive dirt or drying out under the sun while you are at it. Rubber gloves are the best, however, make sure that you have a good grip with them while working in the garden.

Water Sprinklers: Last but not least, watering is an imperative step in the process of gardening and nurturing plants. Water sprinklers and hoses come in various shapes and sizes and there are many options available in the market for you to choose from. We would recommend focused water hoses or simply use a dripping water sprinkler to wet your plants while efficiently watering the bed. Make sure that water gets fully absorbed in the soil bed. These days many water hoses come attached with a shut-off system that lets you turn the water on and off without having to shuttle back and forth to the tap.

We would love you to add some more must-have gardening tools that you think make your garden look awesome.

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