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Reduce Pumping Costs With These Easy-to-Implement Tips

According to a study by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), 16% of the total electricity costs in facility and agriculture is on the power consumed by the pumping systems.

Nobody can ignore the importance of pumps in water-based businesses. Ranging from submersible pumps, centrifugal pumps and more, every pump plays an important part in keeping the facilities running. These pumps consume a lot of energy and offer output at great costing. However, there are a few ways through which you can control the energy usage of these pumps, and thereby saving on money and non- renewable sources of energy.

Choose the Right Size

Oversized pumps are one of the major problems many businesses go through. If you are using an oversized pump, that may result in inefficient operations. Oversized pumps also exceed energy usage and are also high on maintenance costs. Hence, it is advised to always choose a right-sized pump.

Choose an Efficient Pump

It is very important to choose a pump that is most effective for an application. The important factors to choose an efficient pump are power requirements, speed, drive type, and support equipment.

Optimize Pipe Size for Pumping

Optimizing the pipe size reduces hydraulic friction loss, and the pressure can also be maintained in a better way. Here are a few things to consider when optimizing pipe size:

·         Pipe diameter

·         Length

·         Characteristics

·         Flow rate

·         Type of fluid 

Implement Proper Control Valves

Control valves not only help you control the pressure and regulate the flow but also help to reduce energy losses with a fixed-speed pump. 

Impeller Trimming

To improve performance and reduce operating costs, you can reduce the impeller diameter. 

Note: Do not trim the impeller smaller than the manufacturer’s suggestion. Over-trimming can lead to negative consequences.

Proper Maintenance

Efficient operation of the pumps means fewer expenses, which can be achieved by regular maintenance. A regular maintenance program can resolve the problems before they become a disaster. Maintenance plans are very important to improve effectiveness and reduce unplanned and costly equipment issues.

Use Multiple Pumps

Multiple pumps operate as a part of the parallel pumping system and can result in significant energy savings. A multiple pump parallel system works best when each pump runs individually most of the time.

Use Better Pump Seals

Any issues with the seal contaminate the environment and result in inefficient operations. It is important to use better seal systems because that improves efficiency. This will help to achieve financial savings in the long run.

Eliminate Unnecessary Usage

One factor that is mostly overlooked by the businesses is the importance to eliminate unnecessary usage. Pumping system efficiency includes shutting down unnecessary pumps and using pressure switches. Each pump system is different and there are many possibilities to save energy.  Unnecessary use of pumps drains a lot of energy, hence avoid unnecessary usage.

Track and Adapt

Pumping systems are different from each other. It is important to track your pumping system and adapt to any changes within the system to improve efficiency.

These are the important tips that you can follow to save money and increase the efficiency of your pump. If you are planning to buy the best pumps online, visit our website moglix.com and check the category of pumps and motors. You can also buy the best assortment of brands at an affordable price. 

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