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What are Oximeters and How to Buy the Best One?

A pulse oximeter is a reliable method for checking vitals such as blood oxygen levels, blood pressure, and heart rate. It is very useful for medical professionals to diagnose their patient’s health conditions. 

Though these devices are often used by doctors and health practitioners, it is a better idea to buy the best quality oximeter to monitor your health status from home as well. There is a range of oximeters available in the market, the most common being the one that can be placed over a patient’s fingertip. Other types include oximeters that can either be worn around your wrist or held in your hand. Each has its own specific use. 

Types of Oximeters

Oximeters are typically of three types – A portable fingertip pulse oximeter, handheld pulse oximeter, and wrist oximeter. 

Portable Fingertip Oximeter

Portable fingertip oximeters are one of the most commonly used oximeters. These are lightweight and easy to use. 

Handheld Oximeter

These oximeters are mainly used by professionals. They are used for both spot checks and continuous monitoring. 

Wrist Oximeter 

These oximeters have a small fingertip sensor that is attached to a wristwatch style recording system. It continuously monitors the blood oxygen saturation level and pulse rate of the patient. These oximeters have a memory storing system that can last for several days at a time. 

You can buy an oximeter out of these types that suit your requirements. 
Here are some other features to look for while buying an oximeter

Accuracy and Reliability

The primary purpose of a pulse oximeter is to measure the oxygen saturation (SpO2) and pulse rate. Therefore, it is important to buy an oximeter that gives accurate results within its operating range consistently. 

Before making a purchase, validate your pulse oximeter by comparing it with others, such as those in your doctor’s office or medical clinics. The most advanced oximeters can take reading within a few seconds and can give an accuracy of approx 97%. 

Motion can affect the accuracy of the oximeter, so choose a model that is more tolerant to hand movements.

Easy to Use

Complex oximeters can be hard to use for a common person, which can lead to inaccurate readings. However, pulse oximeters are easy to use. All you need to do is place your finger on the sensor and press a button for the reading. Also, with the display being large enough, you can easily read the readings. 

Sensor Size

Whenever you are looking to buy an oximeter, it is important to make sure that you can insert your finger comfortably in the sensor. If you are using clip-on type oximeter than this is not the issue. For children and people with small hands, it is better to consider a pediatric pulse oximeter. 

Some Other Features to Look For

Apart from the above-mentioned features, here are some other features that will assist you in buying the best oximeter. 

  • Memory – Check if the oximeter saves previous readings and timestamps, and help in generating various statistics. 
  • Multi-person memory – Many advanced oximeters have this feature and can save readings for more than one person. 
  • Computer Interface – If you are looking to buy an oximeter for professional use then buy the one that saves readings to a computer for further analysis. 
  • Appearance – It is a better idea to buy an oximeter which is not only efficient by aesthetically appealing. You can buy the portable, sleek, and ergonomically designed oximeter. 
  • Ease of Storage – Make sure that the oximeter can store all the data you may require. 

These are a few features that you should look for while buying the best quality oximeter. Moglix is an online store that offers quality oximeters at the best price. You can explore the diagnostic instruments category and get top brand and feature-rich oximeters online.

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