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Reduce Wear & Tear of Cutting Tools with These Simple Tips

Metal cutting tools are power driver tools used during various metal fabrication activities. From machining of materials to cutting high-end sheet metals, these tools do everything. These tools enhance the speed and precision of a metal fabrication work. Hence, it is very important to service and maintain these tools timely. 

Now, the question arises, what strategies we need to follow for extending the life of metal cutting power tools? Here, you can understand some tips and tricks to increase the productivity of these tools. If you would consider these factors, it will also cut down the maintenance cost associated with metal cutting power tools.

Heat Control

Heat is one of the factors that can affect the life of metal cutting tools. When two metal objects come in contact with each other, they produce tremendous heat during the cutting process. Due to heat, the metal tips and surface wear out. So, it is necessary to use lubricants or oil to increase the life of these tools. These are anti-friction agents and control the friction between metal and prevent them from being deteriorated.

Edge Preparation and Chips Control

In edge preparation, the material gets removed from the side of a cutting tool. It extends the life of a tool in two ways, i.e. strengthening the edge by dispensing with the frail segment of the material from the metal and preventing the tool from edge chipping. It also balances the hardness and toughness of these cutting tools.

Tool Configuration

Tools must be designed in a way to achieve a higher metal removal rate. These tools should be adaptable enough to work on diverse spindle applications. Also, these tools should be able to bear additional stress due to the repeated movement of the load. 

Coating the Inserts

The coating must be applied to metal cutting tools depending upon their nature and design. This prevents these tools from extreme heating. Two types of coatings are extremely popular, Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) and Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD). CDV  is thicker and shields the carbide substrate from heat while PVD is comparatively thinner and is preferred for sharp-edged tools.

Along with these tips, some other general suggestions can save your cutting tools:

  • Keep your tools in a dry place.
  • Store tools in their original cases.
  • Use rust collector or silica gel pack.
  • Clean your tools properly.
  • Inspect tools frequently for wear and damages.
  • Maintain the batteries of tools.
  • Take good care of their accessories and parts.

These are some tips and tricks that can increase the life of your metal cutting tools and can prevent them from being deteriorated. Effective tools add great value to metal fabrication shops. So, if you are looking for metal cutting tools online, moglix.com is your destination. It is a leading online platform to buy these power tools. Moglix offers great deals and the best products online that last longer. 

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