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Secure Your Home and Office with Door Locks

Security cannot be taken lightly whether it is for office or home. This makes it necessary for you to have better door locks. But you cannot have any lock on any door. Read through to know about the different kinds of door locks and what are the things to remember when buying a lock for home or office.

Types of door locks

Door locks can be used for interior doors and exterior doors. Here’s a list of some popular door locks to choose from for your home or office.

Deadbolt: This is a popular exterior door lock that offers great security. It can have single or double cylinder functions. Double cylinder deadbolt needs two keys. It can be a part of lockset or a separate lock. It is generally made of steel and a door latch enhances security.

Padlock: One of the oldest and usable locks, a padlock can be used for interior or exterior door. It can be a key padlock or a keyless with numeric combination to close and open a lock. It does not require any permanent attachment to a door.

Lever handle lock: It is generally used for room doors. This interior door lock has an easy functionality that just requires a downward push. It requires a key for locking the door from inside or outside.

Knob lock: Knob lock is the most used, affordable and easy to install lock type. It is available in different shapes and finishes. The knob has a lock cylinder at the center and generally used for homes.

Things to consider before buying

Type of door lock: With locks, you cannot follow the one-size-fits-all concept. Every door has a different purpose and so do their locks such as an exterior door, bathroom door, interior door, etc. This helps you decide the type of lock you need to purchase.  A smart lock or deadbolt work is apt for main/exterior door whereas, door lever lock or door knobs are better for room doors. Also, the door material helps define the lock.

Place of installation: Another thing to consider is the place of lock installation on the door. For any type of lock to be of maximum potential, it is necessary to fix it at the right location on the door. So, buy a proper lock and door latch for security.

Certification: It is necessary for you to check the brand and certification of the lock. Don’t run after discounts or cheap ones, rather, shop for a quality lock. Door lock price should not be a major factor that rules out safety. With certification, you can be assured your office or home is safe with a door lock.

After considering all the factors, you can think of the aesthetic of your home or office.

Installation: Even after purchasing a great lock of a big brand, it won’t serve its purpose if not installed properly. Some tools can help you in DIY of lock installation; else it is better to get it fixed by a locksmith.

You can shop any and all kinds of door locks online at the lowest price from Moglix.

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