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inverters for office and home

Top 5 Inverters for Home & Office Use in India

Unannounced power cut happens anywhere in India. Power failure might range from two to six hours or more.  Such frequent electricity issues make it imperative to have inverters for home and office use and smoothly carry out our daily work. An inverter is an electric device that converts DC (Direct Current) voltage into AC (Alternating Current) voltage. This is then used for running of devices during a power cut. It provides a power backup during electricity failure with the help of a battery. Let’s understand the types of inverters, things to consider before purchasing an inverter, its placement and the best inverters for home and office use in India

Types of inverters

  • Pure sine wave inverter

For electronic items, you need a sine wave inverter. It produces power with rotating AC machinery. These are best for heavy and many appliances.

  • Modified sine wave or square wave inverter

Here, the waveforms are square-shaped. It might reduce the efficiency of an electrical device running on inverter during a power cut.  There could be some sound heard from appliances.

Top 5 inverters for home and office use

Microtek Sine Wave UPS SEBz 1100VA:

Noiseless inverter with a microcontroller-based battery management system. It has a LED display and works on CCCV technology with auto trickle mode.  It offers short circuit protection and has smart overload sense.

Luminous Cruze: It is a pure sine wave inverter with LCD display. It is good for running large-sized electrical appliances such as air conditioners, desktops, TV, etc. It offers protection like deep discharge, reverse polarity, short-circuits, overload, etc.

Luminous Zelio 1700: It is a sine wave inverter is another great inverter with a power backup display of time in hours and minutes. Along with its efficient working, it has an amazing design too. In case of faulty connection, a bypass switch is provided and the battery would take 10-12 hours for the complete recharge.

Luminous EcoVolt Pure Sine Wave: This sine wave inverter with LCD display is a highly efficient inverter. It has a low cut input of 170V and a high cut recovery input of 230V. It can easily run 5 fans, 5 CFL, 1 LED TV, and 1 system together.

APC Sine Wave UPS inverter: American Power Conversion or APC inverter is available in different range. It is great in places with frequent power cuts. It has a digital display and takes 6 hours of recharge time for 800W battery. You can easily run a TV, home theatre system and gaming console on it.

Things to consider

  • Keep the inverter plugged into a power point for continuous charging
  • Select the battery size according to the number of appliances connected to an inverter, else the battery will be drained soon
  • Purchase higher voltage inverter for longer backup
  • Calculate the power requirement before purchase
Appliance Approx. power consumption
Fan 70-90 watts
CFL 25 watts
Desktop 150-250 watts
Laptops 50 watts
Wi-Fi router 5 watts
Setup box HD 18-25 watts
TV 50-150 watts
  • Place inverter horizontally on a flat surface for safety
  • Place it in a cool and dry place away from water, direct sunlight and flammable substances

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