Understanding Industrial Safety Shoes Standards

The internet is filled to the brim with Knicks and knacks about safety shoes; although the information shared looks good on paper, it fails to regard the practical requisites. Ergo, to help you better understand the application criterion of a safety shoe; we have formulated a blog that disseminates information about significant markings on this safety footwear. This is to make sure that the pair you are finalizing upon will be suitable in the environment where you’re going to use it.

Green Triangle

A green triangle indicates that the safety shoe is equipped with a class 1 toe cap shoe with a puncture resistant grade 1 sole. Suitable for jobs in heavy industries, for instance construction and manufacturing; provides protection of toes from 125 joules of impact.

Yellow Triangle

This serves a very similar function to the green triangle. The only difference is that the yellow triangle indicates a class 2 toe cap and a grade 2 puncture resistant sole. Suitable for jobs in light industries, such as textile; provides protection of toes from 90 joules of impact.

Red Square with a Black Letter C & a Grounding Symbol

The symbol indicates that the soles are electrically conductive. This basically signifies that the shoes are not recommended to be used in environment, involving extreme electrical hazards. Though, they can be used in environments with low electrical charges.

Blue Square

Blue square means that the shoe offers Grade 1 toes protection, however no sole puncture protection. Suitable for heavy industrial work, however with great diligence.

White Square with an Orange Omega Symbol

As it is obvious by the symbol, it indicates that the shoes are equipped with electrical resistance. Suitable for environment which entails live high tension electrical exposure.

Buying safety shoes, although seems to be pretty straightforward; however in reality it entails a lot more than what meets the eye. Therefore, while out to buy safety shoes, apart from comfort and looks; do pay attention to, whether the safety shoe conform to the international safety standards or how well do they rank on international safety index.

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