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Buying a Water Pump? Keep These Things in Mind

We believe the world at large knows what a water pump is, what it is used for, and the principle on which it works. However, what everybody do not know about, are the factors responsible for shaping a purchase decision. Like when purchasing any other product, you have to consider some factors in order to buy the right water pump that works for you.

There are a plethora of things that you need to contemplate upon before you make your selection. What are the key factors you should look at before you add any pumps to your shopping list?

Points to Remember

Flow Rate and Inlet Diameter

Firstly, you are looking for efficiency and will want to know how quickly your pump is going to be able to deliver the water. This is known as the “flow rate” which refers to the number of liters of water produced per minute. If you’re looking to supply a commercial operation, then you’ll be looking for a larger delivery rate, as compared to a home installation.

Efficiency and delivery rate can also be determined by the size of the inlet. The larger the inlet diameter, the better the flow rate and the quicker the job will be completed.

Maximum head and pressure

You must be wondering as of what is meant by “Maximum Head” of a water pump! Well, it refers to the longest distance in terms of height that the pump will be able to pump water. For instance if you purchase a water pump with a maximum head of 60 meters, and you deploy it to pump water to levels higher than 60 meters, then the flow rate will obviously be zero.  What could be a particular solution? While buying a water pump, do make sure that the maximum head be tad bit higher than the height you intend to pump the water.

The type of water to be pumped

An afterthought while buying a water pump, it is actually a crucial factor to consider. Transfer pumps are different from firefighting pumps. Other types of pumps include chemical pumps and trash pumps.


Before buying a water pump, you may have a word with an expert or you can anyways refer to Moglix’s comprehensive assortment of water pumps! When wading through it, you’ll be presented with a diversity of products, which will leave you baffled for choice.


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