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What’s the Basic Advantage of Adhesive Tapes?

Adhesives have really come a long way since their inception! From old-school glues to high-end epoxies, they are available in numerous forms in the market. High quality adhesive tapes however, offer a multitude of options & benefits above conventional adhesives. Additionally, as the science behind these tapes increases in sophistication, so does their ability to suit an ever-increasing range of applications.  For just about all intents and purposes, adhesive tapes are the ideal fasteners.

What are their advantages though?

We’ll keep it crisp, so here are some basic advantages of adhesive tapes, which votes in support of them, being an ultimate fastener.

  • These adhesive tapes boasts of a strong structural strength, which can actually replace bolts, welds, rivets and other mechanical fasteners.
  • Are available in a number of forms (way more than other fasteners), which will actually leave you baffled for choice. From transparent ones to duck tapes, just summon up Google and you’ll be presented with countless alternatives.
  • Expunges the need for mechanical fasteners, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the project.
  • Lighter in material, which means they are easy to use and apply.
  • Mechanical fasteners are ineffective when it comes to difficult surfaces, for instance glass. On the contrary, adhesive tapes can easily be applied in harmony with glass surfaces.
  • Eliminates the need for surface refinishing to remove weld distortions.
  • Acts as a moisture seal/environmental barrier.
  • Provides uniform thickness and gap filling properties.
  • Eliminates the need for bonding “both” substrates together at the same time and location providing optimum manufacturing flexibility.

In a nutshell, adhesive tapes regard almost every requisite laid down by industrialists. It is one straightforward solution, to many fastening challenges. What else? Buy adhesive tapes online on Moglix!

Well, not just adhesive tapes, there’s a whole diversity of fasteners available in store at Moglix! Do have a look.

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  • Adhesive Tapes suppliers

    May 23, 2018 at 6:11 am

    Adhesive Tape is used in many different applications with new uses being discovered every year.
    -Acts as a moisture seal/environmental barrier.
    -Can use lighter thinner materials.
    -Bond dissimilar materials without incompatibility concerns.


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