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Reform your Home Garage into an Ultimate DIY Workshop

A garage is not just a place for parking, but it is also a chunk of toys, used as warehouse, workshop and also a place to relax ourselves. Has your garage become a heap of junk, wondering if you really need that thing in future?

DIY (Do it yourself) gives you an opportunity to use your underutilized space and creativity. It offers a wonderful source of spreading information without any hassle in a completely non-commercial, non-authoritarian and non-institutional environment. DIY can efficiently put a stop to consumerism and academic elitism as it creates a strong group of interested and intelligent people who are keen to attain freedom of information. In fact, it follows the real path of learning where the aim is not just to acquire education, but to achieve knowledge through the phenomenon of practical learning.

So, for reforming your home garage into a DIY workshop, there are some fundamental apparatus that every garage workshop should have. Here is a brief description of the things and the way those need to be used for making your garage a DIY workshop:

Keep it  Clean, Spaced and Open:

The main priority for workspace is safety and to keep it safe, it is necessary to keep it clean. Get things off the floor; this will prevent you from tumbling down. An organized workshop makes it easier to work and far easier to remember where the things are. Clean off your work table to have maximum space to work. A spaced workstation gives us composure to set up a new project with a fresh mind.

Identify your Workbench and Tools:

The key assets of any garage workshop are the workbench and tools. This investment needs to be protected with a high quality tool chest that is not only well ordered, but lockable as well. The best option is to choose ball-bearing draws and install drawer mats to avoid your tools from sliding around. It will also give them a cushion to set in. If you use your garage as a parking space as well as a work space, using a rolling workbench is the best solution to efficiently meet both the needs.

Power Supply:

Lay down your workshop with enough supply outlets to charge your batteries as well as power your corded tools. Instead of juggling with extension cords in your garage,  you should plan outlets needed for lighting, heaters, AC units, radios and televisions. It’s always recommended to have enough power outlets to divide the power usage and maintain the safety. You must check the power load drawn by your workshop and take the help of an electrician for planning and installing the outlets.

Give in the Brightest light:

Usually garages are very dark. You may have a couple of overhead lamps on the garage door opener and a few buried ceiling lights to ensure that you don’t trip in the dark. Most of the builders do not recognize the need for garage lighting, but when you are planning to convert your garage in a workshop, you need to make sure your lighting system is perfect. LED Track lighting is an easy option to install in a garage.

Room Environment and Temperature Control:

Most of the garages are not insulated so, you should take necessary steps to insulate your garage or setup some space heaters or floor AC units. Wearing a heavy coat will only delay your DIY efforts and no one likes to work in a sauna. Make sure you have enough outlets to power all required units and choose them carefully. A lot of people have mastered with propane heaters, but be careful while using it in semi-enclosed spaces.

Floor Selection:

Garage floors aren’t the best floor surfaces for rugged work stations. They blot and become greasy with any type of oil or fluids you work with. They become rough on your body after years of working over. Give your garage floor an epoxy finish which is easier to clean and also offer extra grip. If you are seeking a softer surface, then you can also choose restaurant grade floor mats.

Essential Tools:

From the weekend mechanic to the skilled DIY craftsman, the set of tools is a very delicate choice. Every person’s preference for brands differs as some may choose Dewalt and others may go for Bosch. The brand dependability goes for ever. Beyond your standard set of hand and power tools, you can easily find more durable and reliable tools for the same. Drill press can be used for making accurate holes and bore depths that are uniformly spaced. Table saws are very helpful for cutting larger pieces quickly and accurately. Belt sander is for quickly smoothing and shaping wood. Abrasive blasters are great for removing paint, polish and rust so the surface can be refinished. Welding is indispensable if you are into metal fabrication. Throw in a sheet metal bender and shear and no one can stop you.

Enjoy your Workshop:

Most of us enjoy listening to music while working and if you want to do without a full-on audio system and their fragile components, you can consider new rugged handy listening stations from Dewalt. You can run your mp3 player or Smartphone music through them and they create amazingly unbelievable music. Their key feature is DeWALT’s 20V MAX cordless battery system. They get plugged in and charge a battery as well as provide extra outlets.

If you need visuals then you can install a LED TV to any wall and stream movies and music through a digital device such as cable and dish antenna service provider. By going with an entertainment unit, you make your garage more interesting as well as comfortable.

You can also include a dust collection system, central vacuum and air ventilation system. These systems will help keep the dust, dirt, pollen and other heavy particles out of your body which makes safer work surroundings.

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