WORK SMART, NOT HARD – Pressure washer

Work smart, not hard!

Pressure washers have made this statement effective in everyone’s life. In the last 10 years, they have come a long way. With innovation and time, pressure washers have become more evolved and affordable. 


It removes the build-up and deep strains, eliminates the erosion of coatings, grime, and dirt effectively and efficiently. 

Choosing the right pressure washer can make your cleaning and maintenance easy but if you invest in the wrong tool, it will waste all your time and money. 

Also before you break your muscles or cause a serious injury to remember that these tools deliver high concentrated pressure and power. Hence, they should be used with caution.

Let’s understand how the pressure washer works 

The mechanism of a pressure washer is quite simple. The motor engine turns on the pump, which pushes up the water through the wand controlled by the nozzle on the tip. The pressure is accelerated when water passes through the small pipe same as the river flowing through a small passage creates high pressure. So simple math, when the amount of water increases by increasing the power the water pressure accelerates. It is used to remove dirt and grimes from the surface of your properties.

Types of pressure washer-

Broadly there are two types of pressure washers

1. Gas pressure washer-

These have higher pressure than electric pressure washers. They are noisier and bulkier with harmful fumes exhaustion while working. These are used for deep cleaning jobs like on concrete sites or high- intensity cleaning requirements.

2. Electric pressure washer

 These are relatively cheaper than gas pressure washers. They are lighter in weight hence portable and with low noise perfect for residential cleaning. These can also be used indoor as they do not exhibit harmful gases.

How to choose the right pressure washer –

Choosing the right pressure washer is not a layman’s job. You need to look out for many aspects while getting the right equipment. Let’s take you through some of the points to look for while adding to your cart –

1. Basic ratings –

1.1. Horsepower(HP)

The amount of power that the motor or engine can produce is its horsepower i.e. HP. This gives the volume and pressure of water the washer can accelerate.

1.2. Pounds per square inch(PSI) –

The amount of pressure that is accelerated by the washer is measured in PSI. It gives the pressure of the washer.

1.3. Gallons per minute( GPI) –

The volume of water pushed by the washer is measured in GPI. This gives the amount of water the washer can push out.

1.4. The cleaning power unit (CPU)-

Plays a vital role in determining the cleaning capability of the pressure washer. People don’t usually look out for a CPU unit when they are looking for the perfect pressure washer but it is a big mistake.

The CPU unit determines the ability of the pressure washer to effectively clean the area.

To find out the CPU multiply GPM x PSI. There is a misconception that the more the PSI better the washer, but it does not work that way. 

Let’s take an example,

A washer has a 2,500 PSI and 2GPM rating making 5,000 CPU.

Another washer has a rating of 2,000 PSI and 4 GPM which makes the CPU 8,000. This shows that the washer with lower PSI still has more cleaning power than that with higher PSI. The washer with 2,000 PSI will clean an area 30% faster than the 2,500 PSI washer.

Therefore, looking for a CPU unit is as important as looking for PSI unit ratings in the pressure washer. So next time you look for the washer, do the math.

Now you see the ratings are important to look out for. If you get the pressure washer with high pressure i.e. HP ad PSI and low volume i.e. GPI you will not get a washer instead you will be bringing home a water jet cutter. In the same way, if you get a washer with high volume and low pressure that would also be useless as it will be a lawn pipe. Hence, it is important to have a washer with the right volume and pressure according to your cleaning needs.

2. Based on power

There are various pressure washers available to fit your needs with different power and capacity. There are-

2.1. Light-duty pressure washers ( 1700-2200 PSI, 2 GPM)

These are light-weight, low noise washers used for – patios, vehicles, general outdoor cleaning.

Best suited for –


2.2. Medium-duty pressure washers (2300-3000PSI, 2-3GPM)

These can be used for all the tasks the same as light-duty and more. These have more power and hostile cleaning jobs like- tougher stains and grimes on the patios or outdoor areas.

Best suited for –




2.3. Heavy-duty pressure washer (3100-4000 PSI, 3-4GPM)

These are used for heavy-duty work which requires high power and long run time. 

Best suited for –

Construction sites

Preparing for painting 


Hard to reach places and stubborn stains

3. Coldwater or hot water

Coldwater pressure washer – These pressure washers are cheaper than hot water pressure washers. These are used for household cleaning jobs like patios,  furniture, grimes or dirt on equipment, etc.

 Hot water pressure washers – These are best for on-site industrial jobs and farms. These are expensive and are more powerful, cleans faster, and better than cold water pressure washers.

Heart of the pressure washer – NOZZLES

Nozzles make a crucial part of a pressure washer. These are places at the tip of the wand.

The nozzles control the angles and intensity of the water sprayed by the washer. Choosing the wrong nozzle can lead to critical problems

Two basic types of nozzles come with the kit. It may be 

1. Interchangeable with different colors- these are better as all it requires is a twist for changing the spray angle and pattern,

2.  All in one adjustable nozzle- these help in customizing the spray angles and patterns.

 Both types help in changing the angle and intensity of the water sprayed according to your cleaning requirement. 

Safety is better than cure –

Don’t try to play around with pressure washers. It is not like keeping the finger on the garden hose. The pressure of the spray can severely damage the surface or your skin if it is sprayed on your body. Read the manual thoroughly before using the washer. Maintain proper safety and take precautions.

Now you know what to look out for while buying the pressure washer and other cleaning equipment. Moglix gives you the best pressure washers at an affordable price and good quality. Visit

Happy shopping!

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