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HealthSense Nano-Cure FS 550 ABS White & Pink Facial Iconic Cleanser with Nano-Ionic Technology, Steam Breath Machine for Adults & Kids
  • Lightweight & Portable

  • Silent Operation & Auto-off

Medtech Handyvap VAP-100 100ml Steam Inhaler
By: Medtech
₹3,09967% OFF
  • Steam Helps Relieve Your Cough & Reduce Congestion in Your

  • One Button Operation Auto Cut-Off

Dr. Morepen VP 06 Blue Breathe Free Vaporizer
4.5 (4 Reviews)
By: Dr. Morepen
₹45038% OFF
  • It is Highly Effective & Easy to Use & Clean.

  • It is a Steam Inhalator & Facial Sauna that Produces

Safeheed 3 In 1 Nose Steamer & Vaporizer Nozzle Inhaler Cough Facial Sauna Steamer, SH18
4.4 (5 Reviews)
By: Safeheed
₹39925% OFF
  • You Can Use the Sauna During Facial, Massaging & at

Orbit 2-in-1 150W White Safe Nasal & Facial Steamer, ZJ-1078
  • 2-in-1 Safe Nasal & Facial Steam Fitting

  • Ejector for Relesaing Beaters & Hook

Fidelis Healthcare Three In One Blue Plastic Steam Vaporizer, FH-Vaporizer-Blue-101
Medtech Handyvap VAP 01 Steam Inhaler
By: Medtech
₹45022% OFF
  • Double Wall Body to Avoid Any Injury Due to Hot

  • Special Locking to Avoid Accidental Opening to Safeguard from Spilling

DEE Sons 3 In 1 Facial Steamer for Cold, Cough, Face & Skin Body Spa
  • Easy to view Water Level Window & Strong Instant Steam

  • Facial Steamer Inhaler Sanitizer Machine

Medtech Handyvap VAP-200 Electric White Steam Inhaler
  • Super Fine Steam for Direct Inhalation, Aesthetic Design, Quiet Operation,

Beurer FS50 120W White Facial Sauna & Steam Inhaler
  • Facial Sauna for Intensive Skincare & Inhalation

  • Steam Attachment for Nose & Mouth Inhalation

Orbit 2-in-1 150W Pink Safe Nasal & Facial Steamer, ZJ-1078
  • Beater & Dough Hook

  • Masal Mask & Facial Steamer

Fast Life Blue Facial Steamer, RS-009Q
By: Fast Life
₹79942% OFF
  • Facial Steamer Get Used for Beauty Purpose

  • Do Not Use RO/Filter Water as It Stops The Steam

Luxus MiniVapo Vap-05 Steam Inhaler Vaporizer Machine for Adult & Kids
  • Special Locking to Avoid Accidental Opening

  • Body to Prevent Shocks

Dr. Morepen VP03NM Vaporizer
4.3 (3 Reviews)
By: Dr. Morepen
₹37544% OFF
  • Produces Steam Vapours in Seconds

  • Highly Effective, Easy to Use & Clean

Smart Care I-18 Yellow Steam Vaporizer for Cold & Cough
MCP Purple 3-in-1 Steamer Vaporizer
By: Mcp
₹60072% OFF
MCP Pink 3-in-1 Steamer Vaporizer
By: Mcp
₹60072% OFF
Clear & Sure Blue Plastic Nozzle Inhaler Steam Vaporizer for Face, Nose & Cough, RLPL-VPR-001
Swadesi By MCP 300ml ABS Purple Nozzle Inhaler Facial Steamer Machine
Sahyog Wellness Purple Sturdy Steam Vaporiser with Safety Switch, SWST02
Sahyog Wellness Blue Three In One Steam Vaporizer
By: Sahyog Wellness
₹89958% OFF
MCP White 3-in-1 Steamer Vaporizer
By: Mcp
₹60072% OFF
Swadesi By MCP 300ml ABS Blue Nozzle Inhaler Facial Steamer Machine
Beurer SI 40 Steam Inhaler
By: Beurer
₹4,04525% OFF
  • Effective Application due to Constant Temperature

  • Soothing Treatment During the Cold Season

Fidelis Healthcare Three In One Red Plastic Steam Vaporizer, FH-Vaporizer-Red-101
EGK 1L 3-in-1 Steam Inhaler Vaporizer Humidifier & Room Sterilizer
  • Prevention, Cure and Relief to Pollution related respiratory illness

  • Absolutely Hygienic Air Humidification & Fumigation of Rooms via steam

Naulakha PKT/02 300W Steam Inhaler & A-One Vaporizer
  • Vaporizer is an Ideal Treatment Prescribed as Steam Therapy for

  • No Sprinkling of Water, Best for Kids, Adult & Quick,

Naulakha PKT05 Steam Inhaler & A-One Vaporizer
4.7 (6 Reviews)
By: Naulakha
₹50062% OFF
  • With Attractive Multi-Color Box Packing

  • Unbreakable With Water Level Marking

Droplet 40W Triple Action 3 in 1 Blue Vaporizer
  • Useful for Beauty Purposes, Low Power Consumption, Plastic Body to

  • Can Be Used As Vaporizer & Steamer Interchangeably

Bluekites Purple Steam Inhaler Vapourizer
By: Bluekites
₹60050% OFF
  • It is Durable

  • This is Non Elctric Steam Inhaler So You Have to

Konica Blue Mini Steam Vaporizer
By: Konica
₹35014% OFF
  • Gives good flow of water vapor

  • Very fast and effective

Bluekites Pink Steam Inhaler Vaporizer
By: Bluekites
₹57548% OFF
  • This is an Amazing Home Therapy that lso Relieves Respiratory

  • This Steam Inhaler Vaporizer is Sturdily Made of Great Quality

Rkdent 300W ABS Regular Steam Vaporizer, RKDFS1
  • Quick Relief From Common Cold, Cough & Throat

Rudra 3-in-1 120W Blue Electric Hot Water Steamer Vaporizer
Satnam Blue Plastic Face Cleaning Steam Vaporizer
Fidelis Healthcare White Plastic Steam Vaporizer, FH-Vaporizer-WD-101
MCP Blue Facial Sauna Steam Vaporizer
By: Mcp
₹44562% OFF
Bluekites Blue Steam Inhaler Vapourizer
By: Bluekites
₹60033% OFF
Konica Vapo3-1 Blue Facial Sauna Vaporizer
By: Konica
₹39036% OFF
Relax Facial Sauna Vaporizer
By: Relax
₹39937% OFF

Purchase Portable & Handy Facial Steamers Online at Wholesale Prices

A vaporizer or a face steamer helps transform the water into steam and this steam is used for various purposes related to the skin and health of the human body. These vaporizers or face steamers are essential and useful in numerous applications separately at the same time. Moreover, these devices are mostly used in the medical and healthcare industries in various medicinal applications, such as in the process of removing cough, and in a lot more activities as well. Furthermore, the cool-mist humidifiers in these devices, add cool and fine vapor. These devices result in getting relief from skin dryness as well as nasal dryness. Additionally, we, at Moglix, offer you a huge variety of facial steamers, along with vaporizers from the top-selling brands, such as Dr. Morepen, Beurer, Mypurmist, Prozo Plus, and much more, at reasonable prices.


Different Types of Useful Facial Steamers Available to Buy Online

Portable Facial Steamer: A portable facial steamer is a compact size device that is used for creating steam with the help of water present in the steamer. The steam generated can be used for several purposes, such as removing skin dryness, opening blocked nasal through medicated water that turns into steam, and much more at the same time.


3 in 1 Steam Vaporizer: The three-in-one steam vaporizer helps in various applications related to medicinal applications. These vaporizers are easily available in the market, both online as well offline. Furthermore, you can buy this helpful and multipurpose steam vaporizer as it has a 3 in 1 feature that makes it a multitasker in a very compact and portable size and shape.


Electric Steam Inhaler: The electric steam inhaler is a very useful and easy-to-use inhaler. This can be used with the help of electricity. You just have to plug it in a socket and you are done. Use it regularly and get your skin and nasal dryness free at the same time. These steam inhalers are applicable for various medicinal applications in the healthcare sector.


Plastic Steam Vaporizer: The plastic steam vaporizer is made of a plastic body, which makes it lightweight and portable at the same time. This type of vaporizer can be carried anywhere and you can also take it with you in your bag or vehicle. It is one of the most-selling vaporizers in the market, both online as well as offline.


Some Points to be Considered Before Buying a Face Steamer

Brand: A good brand should always be the priority of a buyer. Especially, in the case of an essential appliance or device that is to be used for a serious or important purpose at the same time. Moreover, you can trust these brands that we have on our website as they have numerous existing customers and a huge variety of face steamers and vaporizer steamers for all types of buyers.


Warranty: Warranty is an essential factor that a buyer should keep the focus on when buying an essential appliance or device. The warranty gives you peace of mind and assistance assurance at the time of some complication or error in the functioning or performance of the device. Moreover, we have all such brands that provide generous warranties with their top-notch and reliable facial steamers online.


Ideal For: There are different types of face steamers along with numerous types of vaporizers at the same time. Therefore, you can choose from a huge variety of steamers and vaporizer steamers from Moglix.com, along with various benefits as well. All these steamers and vaporizers are ideal for different applications and tasks, and this makes them different from each other.


Material: The material used in these vaporizers and steamers plays an important role in the build quality and life of the product. Good brands always use good quality materials in their factories to manufacture such products. Therefore, you should always go for a brand that uses quality materials and provides reliability and durability in its products at the same time.


Multiple Brands Available to Buy Face Vapours & Steamers Online

Safeheed Facial Steamers & Vaporizers: Safeheed is a brand that is one of the top sellers in this segment of face steamers and medical equipment. Moreover, this brand is known for its promising quality and its efforts to make its customers happy and satisfied at the same time. In addition, you can get various other discounts and offers on Safeheed facial steamers and vaporizers online at Moglix.com


Entair Facial Steamers & Vaporizers: Entair is a brand that manufactures various types of vaporizers and steamers that are used in numerous medicinal applications in the healthcare sector. Along with this, this brand is consistently providing quality products to its customers at affordable rates at the same time. You can get plenty of products from this brand online at our website, with some additional benefits as well.


Dr. Yess Facial Steamers & Vaporizers: Dr. Yess is a well-known and popular brand in this category as well as this brand is trusted by its customers due to various factors. People trust this brand for its consistent quality of products and great customer response at the same time. You can buy various products from this brand online on Moglix, along with great offers and discounts.


EGK Facial Steamers & Vaporizers: EGK is a brand that is serving the nation for a long time. This brand is known for several quality products in the market, such as vaporizer steamers, face vapors, and more. In addition, these products are made with high-end quality material which makes them durable as well as reliable at the same time.


At Moglix you can also purchase high-quality and reliable facial steamers and vaporizers from multiple other reputable and popular brands, such as CR Exim, MCP, Fidelis Healthcare, Bluekites, and more at the same time.


Shop for Efficient Vaporizer Steamers at Reasonable Rates on Moglix

Using a vaporizer or a face steamer is way too common nowadays. If you are looking for a perfect face steamer or vaporizer steamer for your daily or essential needs, you can visit our website i.e., Moglix.com. On our website, you get various benefits that are offered with these high-end and economical facial steamers and vaporizers at the same time. Moreover, Moglix always put its best possible efforts into making its customers feel happy and satisfied with their service and quality. You can also get some additional discounts on bulk purchases from our website. In addition, there are almost all types of products related to the medical and healthcare industry on our website, so you can buy whatever you want or need, all at once.


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