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How to Select a Printing Partner? 6-point Checklist

Online or offline business, school or home, workshops or hospitals, the need for printers can never be overlooked. From an A4 sheet document printout to a big hording in your street, everything is the magic of a printer. To use the power of print, you need to check the followings with your printing partner

1. Know the Track Record

History or track record is necessary to be traced before you finalize a business partner. Check the number of printers they have supplied to businesses, especially other small businesses. See if they have been catering to an industry similar to yours. Have a look at all the services they offer, rates and reviews/testimonials of customers.

Before getting on to a contract, clear your expectations and objectives with the company to get the required printing results.

2. Explore Other Services Offered

The main aim of this collaboration with a capable printing partner is to get printing jobs done efficiently but it is always good to know about the additional services they can offer for your business. It might even act as a one stop solution for your business.

For instance, a printing firm might offer designing facility with printouts. Over and above, the partner might also help you with labelling and marketing the ads at different locations. This would further save you from hiring a team or agency solely for this task. Even when on-boarding a single partner for multiple tasks, you can expect better pricing and services from them.

3. Get an Outline

Once you are done with checking of the track records, it’s time to understand their approach towards the work you have. From design to specifications of the printing machines, everything needs to be considered around your expectation. In addition to machine or technology details, you must check the mode of communication preferred by the printing partners and know the SPOC person to address questions, concerns, requirements and more. Plan a weekly/biweekly meeting for query resolution, progress tracking and pushing the work further.

4. Check for the Collaboration Mode

Once the meeting and plan is finalized, it’s time to know the platform used to make alliance. Analyze the safety of the platform before you share your requirements, documents, etc. Also, the platform must allow you to share the designs among each other to reduce the counts of trail mail and discuss the quick edits. In your business interest, get a proper training of the software/platform used by your printing partner.

5. Build Better Partnership

Being a small business, it is always advisable to build good relationship with your partners who help you have an exponential growth. Since all such partners majorly understand your priorities, business goals and work in the same direction to help you achieve the set goals. Stating clear goal even helps you in achieving great results.

Long-term relationships help your partner evolve with you and understand your ever-changing requirement to deliver the best each time. It creates a comfort level and better communication among the companies. Even, this makes it easier to ask your printers to offer extended services, improve technology and more.

6. Know where to Source Printer from

If you yourself are planning to build a small printing business or purchase a printer for your business or willing to guide/help your printing partner with latest printers, it is essential to know from where you can source different kinds of printers. You can shop from a store nearby but it is always advisable to shop printers online. That allows you to have better discounts, more options with printer type/models, better comparison on the grounds of feature, specifications and price, etc. Moglix offers all kinds of office supplies for your small and medium businesses at the best price from the best brands.

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