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5 Ways to Save Money on Office Supply

In a business, generating high revenue is most important but equally important is opening and maintaining the office. Since employees are the backbone of your business, you need to take proper care of them. Office supplies are one of the essentials that provide easy and efficiency to workers for better output. It can end up being a costly affair if not managed properly. Below are tips to save money on office supplies.

Track inventory

Regularly check your inventory to avoid unnecessary purchase and expenses. Create a list of office supplies that require being replenished soon. In a single purchase try to have a repository of 3-6 months as demand for supplies is growing anytime. But, overstocking is not advisable all the time as it leaves no scope to try new things and even the existing ones might get damaged even without use.

Last minute purchase

Waiting for supplies to get over and then planning a purchase is a wrong policy to follow. Instead of discounts, you many a time end up purchasing things at a much higher price. Also, it is possible that the things you need are not available at that moment. Such situations happen especially with people sticking to a single supplier. In such situations, it is advisable to restrict the use and go for well-planned purchase.

Shop online

Shopping from a nearby shop might sound convenient to you but online shopping allows you to shop numerous items after comparing the specifications and pricing. You can always try from new brands/suppliers and benefit from other on-going deals.

Go for Bulk Buying

Online shopping has another big advantage for bulk ordering. Shopping online from B2B-commerce such as Moglix allows you to place a Request for Quotes for the products you need to buy for your office. So, you get quotes from numerous suppliers and accordingly you can opt for the one that suits your budget and choice. But buying everything in bulk is also not advisable.

Office furniture

When purchasing office furniture, make sure you calculate the delivery charges as well. Try to get things mended if possible and compare prices before making any big purchase. With furniture, it is necessary to consider comfort and durability. You cannot keep investing a large amount of money time and again, so make a good decision.


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