All About Power Tools Hazards During Concrete Removal

Concrete removal is one of the difficult tasks for workers. For this process, they use various power and hand tools. Power Tools are potentially more hazardous than hand tools. Power sources like compressed air, electricity, and gasoline exacerbate safety hazards brought through careless handling or incorrect usage. In this article, you can find some of the potential hazards occur during concrete removal and tips to use these power tools safely.

Pneumatic Power Tools: The biggest safety concern with these air hoses, these can be either punctured or cut or damaged by heat and chemicals. Any of these can cause hazards. To avoid injuries from free-flying hammer bits, make sure that the bit is properly secured in the tool and also avoid squeezing the trigger while working with these tools.

Electric Power Tools: Electric power tools must be properly grounded or double-insulated to prevent electrocution. Inspect the cord and make sure that it does not possess any cracks, fraying, and other damages before use. Also, avoid using an electric tool while standing on a wet surface. 

Gasoline Power Tools: The main hazard occurs due to the explosive nature of the fuel used to power these tools. Gasoline spilled on hot engine surfaces and accumulation of vapors and fumes can cause explosive conditions. Refuel these tools where there is adequate ventilation, and away from sparks, flames, and other heat sources.

Power Tools Safety Considerations

Power tools require full attention while working with them. Here are some rules that you should know before using these tools:

  • Tools accessories can get hot during use. So, avoid contact with skin and wear gloves to remove them.
  • While using the tool for a long time, wear hearing protection.
  • To keep any flying concrete fragment away from your eyes, always wear safety goggles. 
  • When involved with grinding that generates dust or debris, use a dust mask or respirator.
  • While working with hammer drills or demolition hammers, use cushioned gloves to reduce vibration.
  • Guard your tools from rain or wet conditions. It can cause an electric shock.
  • Never use hammer drills, demolition hammers or grinders with one hand. Hold these tools with both hands for maximum control.
  • Inspect the grinding wheels, chips, cracks, or missing segments before operating a concrete grinder. Replace damaged or worn wheels immediately, if any.

These are some hazards that can cause while working with power tools and ways to reduce injuries. Follow these steps and work in a safe environment. 

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