Debunking Top 7 Car Wash Myths

On social media, we read several tips for car care and maintenance. But, we don’t know whether these tips are true or not. Nowadays, it has become very difficult to differentiate between myths and facts. To avoid putting our vehicles at risk, we should follow the advice of professionals only. So, let’s discuss some misconceptions and facts about car washing by professionals:

Myth-1. Detergents are the Best Choice for Car Washing

We see several advertisements for detergents that claim to fight grease and eliminate streaks. It may sound very appealing. It is true that detergents are ideal for cleaning extreme dirt and gunk because they contain abrasive chemicals. But detergents also shorten the life of your car paint. By speeding up the oxidation process, they remove protective coating like wax and sealant on a car’s paint.

Myth-2. Car Polishing is Optional

Even after washing and waxing a car, sometimes it looks dull and lifeless. This is due to skipping the step of car polishing. Polish is an abrasive product that removes paint defects and creates an even surface for waxing. If this step is omitted, a paint defect would be more visible.

Myth-3. Car Washing and Cleaning are the Same

These two terms may sound similar but their meanings are not the same. Car washing is the facility to remove dirt and debris on the exterior of a car. It helps in maintaining car waxing by removing harmful elements. On the other hand, car cleaning is a detailed process. It takes more time and primarily tackles the inside stains and blemishes of a car. It contains processes such as claying, polishing, waxing, glass cleaning, tire cleaning, and even interior detailing.

Myth-4. Air Vents and Engine Do Not Require Cleaning

If car vents are unclean, they cause a large number of diseases due to germs. Also, you would feel a car odour that no air freshener can remove. To avoid this situation, the cleaning of car vents is very important. Steam is the best way to clean car vents because high-temperature can easily destroy bacteria and germs.

Air vents are visible but the engine is not. We usually ignore the cleaning of an engine. A clean engine can reduce the situation of engine fire and also makes it easier to identify fluid leaks. So, the cleaning of a car engine is necessary.

Myth-5. Paste Wax is Better than Liquid Wax

It is a myth that paste wax offers greater protection than liquid wax. As compared to liquid wax, paste wax takes more effort to apply and is not durable at all. It can tend to last up to 10 weeks. However, liquid wax gives more of a classic finish. It is easy to use and is durable. Liquid wax can last up to six months. Nowadays synthetic waxes, polymers, and resins are more popular because they help to enhance the gloss finish of a car.

Myth-6. Let Car Air Dry

Letting a car air dry is not a good idea. Air dry will leave watermarks that require more effort to clean. To avoid this, use a clean chamois (natural or synthetic) or soft microfiber cloths to blot the water up. Other than this, a soft squeegee is also preferable to remove the water on the body of a car.

Myth-7. A shiny Car is a Clean Car

Do not get attracted to a shiny car. If a car is shining, it does not mean that it is clean. A car is clean when it passes the touch test. Rubbing over a car after washing is helpful to identify leftover contaminants. For stuck on dirt, use a clay bar before waxing or polishing to remove any residue.

These are seven myths that can damage a car. This is why you should be aware of these misconceptions. Use a trustworthy car washer to clean up a car. If you are planning to buy a car washer, visit Moglix offers various car washers of the best brands such as Black Bull, Bosch, Cumi, Homepro, Neptune, Protools, Tool Master, Trumax, and many more.

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