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Tips to Choose a Printer that’s Perfect for your Home or Office

There are a number of printers from top brands available in the market. These printers come in different shapes and sizes. They use different types of printing technologies. Some printers are ideal for only photos while some are multitaskers. Hence, deciding what kind of printer to use for a home or office can be a bit confusing. From speed to functions, it totally depends on your work requirement that what printer would best suit. Let’s discuss some factors that we should take care of while purchasing a printer.

Inkjet or Laser?

This is the first question buyers tackle.

Inkjet printers have come a long way. These printers are versatile because they can print essays, pie- chart, photos, and many more things. Inkjet printers are fast and relatively inexpensive. They can work with various types of papers. These printers apply a controlled stream of tiny ink droplets from one or more cartridges.

Laser printers are still going strong for many years because they have fast speed, sharp output, and low cost. They use a photographic drum that attracts electrically charged toner to transfer on paper. These printers are the best option for monochrome printing and simple graphics.

Overall, inkjet printers perform better for low volume prints while for high volume prints, laser printers are ideal.

Single or All-in-One?

The job of a regular or basic printer is just to print. If you don’t want to scan, copy or fax, these single job printers are ideal for you. In these modern days, multifunction printers (MFPs) are the most common and useful. They include the document scanner, copier, and telephone jack to connect landline phones for faxing purposes. So, these are the perfect pick for small offices. MFPs are available with both laser and inkjet printing for speedy text/ graphics and vibrant photos respectively. A few all-in-one printers also have a built-in duplexer to automatically print on both sides of pages.

Going Beyond Letter-Sized

You can also consider a label printer depending on your requirements. This can include photos of different sizes from 4*6 or 5*7, card/ indexed size to posters or banners. It just depends on your daily requirements for your home or office.


The cost of a printer just not include its price but also the price of paper, ink, etc. It generally exceeds the original cost of a printer. So, before buying a printer, calculate the cost of ink cartridges, paper, toner, and many more things. Then decide what type of printer fulfills your requirements.


If you want to print a large number of documents, it is an important factor to look at. The speed of a printer is measured as the volume of a printout i.e. pages per minute. Choose the one that has more ppm for the smooth and fluent task.

If you are planning to purchase a printer for your home office, these are the factors you should consider. Along with it, you should also know the size of a printer, photo quality, compatibility with an operating system, warranty, latest features, postscript font, etc.

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