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Electric Screwdriver Buying Guide

Do you often need to tighten loosening screw of your office desk that leads a bad impression on your customers? Are you busy working with screws fixing the bathroom mirror screws or your child’s study table? Well, it’s time to switch from a manual screwdriver to an electric one with high voltage and torque control.

An electric screwdriver belongs to every toolbox, especially the avid do-it-yourselfers. Like a manual screwdriver, this also works on loosening or tightening screws but with a power supply. It

  • Saves your muscular strengthen
  • Offers more accuracy and precision
  • Completes the task in few seconds

There are two types of electric screwdrivers- plug-in and cordless

Like everything else, electric screwdrivers also help you go mobile with its cordless form. If you use the tools occasionally or perform a small task, it is worth buying. You can screw or unscrew bolts or perform small drilling. Also, it cordless screwdrivers come in different torque powers and battery-life, something you need to check before you make a purchase. Let’s understand the quality features of a cordless electric screwdriver in details

Features of a cordless electric screwdriver

Battery capacity

It is an imperative feature. You should select the battery capacity based on the hobby/activity you need the screwdriver for. Lithium-ion-batteries are preferred over the nickel cadmium batteries as they don’t self-discharge and used anytime without sustaining damage. This power tool offers lasting maximum power

Technical parameters

Voltage, ampere, and torque are other technical features to be considered during a purchase. For a higher voltage, there will be heavier and bulky battery fitted to increase the device performance. Check the ampere-hours specified on the product to understand how long your tool operates. Again, it depends on the type of work you need to perform


You can make your cordless screwdriver rotate in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction. This allows you to screw in or unscrew the screw. There are tools with an integrated light source to help you work in dark places efficiently. Electric screwdrivers are created to produce outstanding quality with easy to hold design for hard to reach areas.

Types of screwdriver bits

To achieve the desired results from an electric screwdriver, you should operate it well and be well-versed about the bits used to join materials. There are four types of bits

types of screwdriver bits

How to find the perfect electric screwdriver?

There are few questions that can help you understand the specifications required by the screwdriver you need to purchase such as

  • What’s the minimum and maximum RPM the screwdriver can work at in the defined torque range? The torque potential might be lowered at a higher RPM.
  • How much torque is required for a defined task? There are special screwdrivers with lower torque for delicate screws and higher torque for industrial use.
  • Which is the best screw size? Different materials require different screw size. So, the screwdriver should support different screw sizes and styles.
  • What are the other accessories required? Calibration, measurement, and verification might need measurement.

Electric screwdriver things to consider

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