Winter is here, and the delight that words – ‘warm’, ‘hot’, and ‘lukewarm’ bring, run a deep sense of comfort as we move closer to colder days and nights. Can you imagine starting your day with cold water when it’s already freezing to the bone? Don’t think again, you have landed in the right place to buy the best-suited water heater for your everyday needs. 

At Moglix, we fiercely believe in delivering the best customer experience from educating you on the right buy to offering the best range of products ensuring you do get what you’re looking for. Water heaters/ Geysers can cater to several applications- bathing, cleaning kitchen utensils, washing clothes, sink an application, etc. Given how considerably geysers form a part of our everyday lives and the ease, convenience, and safety it offers, it’s a no brainer that buying one or replacing your older one is a well-reasoned thought.

Moglix caters to the top brands in the Geysers category – Crompton Greaves, Bajaj, Havells, Orient, Usha, and V-Guard to name a few; ranging from the capacity of 1 litres to 50 litres- enough to serve a variety of needs and applications. Despite being an imperative need at home, one can seldom have little difficulty in choosing the right one pertaining to their needs.

Let us first introduce the two significant types of geysers- Instant & Storage. As the name is self-explanatory, instant geysers instantly heat the water as one goes on consuming the water while a storage heater stores the water and then heats it. The major difference here is of the time taken by the storage heaters as compared to the Instant ones, however, storage heaters do offer a larger capacity in delivering the water needs. For a far better understanding, let us take you through a definitive guided table to ease your understanding of buying the right Geyser- at the right time. 

Growing demand among the consumers and technology paving its way to fulfill it, there are a lot of features that our range of Geysers provides which makes your mere browsing experience into a judicious buying one. Some of the central yet pivotal features include the Rust-free body of Geysers- that prevents corrosion that inevitably comes when conductors react in the presence of oxygen, water, and moisture in the air. Apart from rendering an aesthetically unpleasant touch, corrosion is one of the major reasons for the disintegration of the body of an appliance over a period of time and affects the longevity of it. 

Another desirable feature amongst people living in bustling cities where water isn’t soft is hard water heating. We, at Moglix, offer a wide array of brands that manufacture their products embodied with magnesium anode- a distinct attribute focusing on this particular area.

UNMASKING THE REALITY: Apart from these two, there is one feature that misleads a lot of people around its correct yet misunderstood nomenclature and that is- auto thermal cut-off. We’ll talk a bit more comprehensively about this and try to understand a little bit of basic science that goes into its actual functionality. 

Water heaters are equipped with a device called a thermostat which keeps the temperature of geysers at the desired level (generally between 40-75 degrees), meaning- the temperature of the water coming from the faucet won’t go beyond the set temperature. Now once the water is heated up to the set temperature, the power supply automatically cuts-off to avoid the chances of short circuits and burning out of the geyser. We need to pay attention after the desired usage of water here- for instance, you leave the Geyser switched ON, the hot water begins to lose the heat through the body of the geyser. This way, the temperature of water comes down after some time. Once the temperature of the water is down by certain degrees, the thermostat switches on the power supply, and the water heating process starts all over again. 

We, at Moglix, believe in empowering our customers in making a smart choice by choosing from our wide range of quality products while debunking any tech myth around it. Striving to help our customers in making a well-informed decision adds value not just amongst our buyers but also in our vision to keep the legacy of excellence alive.

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