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How to Select the Right Pump for Chemical Industry

The chemical industry has a great demand for pumps that can perform various tasks and protect the employees and work environment from various chemicals and acids that are highly toxic and flammable. Along with handling dangerous fluids, these pumps also control thermal energy and are useful in the treatment of effluent through nanofiltration. 

Different chemical streams require different types of pumps due to the contrasting behavior of fluids. So, it is important to take care of some points at the time of purchasing pumps for the chemical industry. Let’s discuss the same here.

Flow Rate: The flow rate of a pump is one of the most important things to consider before selecting a pump. The desired flow rate depends on the diameter of a pump and is measured in gallons per minute (GPM). As the thumb rule, the maximum expected flow rate should not be more than 90% of the pump’s capacity. So, for a higher flow rate, a larger pump is required. 

Operating Environment: Operating environment is another thing to keep in mind. Will a pump be exposed to direct sunlight? Will it be installed below freezing temperature? These are the things that could be overlooked easily. The consideration of the operating environment is very necessary because it is the most definite part of a pump’s performance. Make sure the fluid should not freeze at the specific temperature or it should not be affected with a high-temperature environment. 

Fluid Composition: In order to avoid corrosion and unnecessary wear and tear on pumps, it is required to check the fluid composition. What are the chemicals used in fluid? what is the consistency? It is slurry or clean? These factors play an important role while choosing the size and type of pump. For thicker fluids, a special type of pump is required while extremely thick liquids that possess solid require special diaphragms. 

Required Capacity: Before selecting a chemical dosing pump, observe the discharge pressure and flow rate required for your work. Do not use an oversize pump because it uses a lot of energy for normal operations. 

Compatibility with Pump Drivers: Choose a  pump that is compatible with pump drivers. Consider the energy available at the worksite and determine the type of pump required for the specific application.

Leak Protection: A pump required for the chemical industry should avoid the accidental discharge of excessive amounts of chemicals during the operation. Some pumps should also support the system that alerts everyone by ringing the alarm at the time of the leak. Such pumps are very beneficial for smooth working.

Temperature and Pressure Control: Chemical pumps should control the temperature and excessive pressure. The surplus amount of temperature and pressure can cause damages. So, it is important to determine these factors and select the pump accordingly. 

For buying reliable and durable pumps, considering these factors is necessary. To purchase pumps online for the chemical industry, browse through moglix.com. Moglix offers the best products of various trustworthy brands such as Arise, B-Power, Bellstone, Blairs, CRI, Crompton, Damor, Generic, Havells, Kirloskar, Kops, and many more. 

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