Tips to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Many of us spend our working hours indoors. The quality of the air we breathe can significantly affect our comfort, productivity, and health. Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) can create an unpleasant or uncomfortable work environment, which in turn can affect morale, productivity, and employee well-being. In more serious situations, employees’ health can be at stake. It is important to address all IAQ concerns seriously and without delay. Even situations which at first appear to be trivial can lead to more severe problems if left unchecked.

Mentioned below are some steps which can be mulled over, in order to curb poor indoor air quality:

  • Run a periodic check for your air filters and your HVAC systems– this also ensures smooth operation and cuts down on energy costs incurred by poor maintenance and air flow!
  • Clean your building regularlyto eliminate bacteria, dust and other pollutants. Not only does this improve IAQ, but also helps cut down on productivity drains like hay fever and influenza.
  • Protect your entryways and floors with proper matting systemsthat help trap soils and particles. Your lungs will thank you, and you’ll spend less time and money cleaning and refinishing your flooring!
  • Invest in quality air purifiers for your facilities, including HEPA filtration technology. Backpack versions of these vacuums are also more efficient and safer for your employees to use.
  • Switch to microfiber dust mops and cloths that trap more soil and that are cleaned through thorough vacuuming and washing. Microfiber products can also cut down on the use of disposable alternatives, reducing your environmental footprint.

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  • Mark-Simon

    March 31, 2018 at 11:50 am

    Here the very useful and impressive read, the winter season typically draws people indoors for long periods of time, often resulting in an increased incidence of airborne health concerns.


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