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Office Supplies Checklist for your Brand New Office!

When embarking on a fresh business venture, you have to think about almost everything, from the most minuscule things to the most crucial ones. All the big-picture stuff might overwhelm you and leave you baffled; however it’s the small day-to-day details that will really make a difference. So, what are the initial requisites? A legitimate business plan, the funding and an empty space which you will deem to be your office! What next? Won’t you stock it up with all those essential office supplies, such as office machines, furniture and basic stationery and add-ons?

In order to make life at your office a tad-bit easier, we’ve put together the ultimate small business office supplies checklist. We would recommend you to take a look through this list and make sure your office boasts everything to keep your employees happy and set the tone for success.


While talking about the basic office equipment, it is imperative to mention office furniture! Great ergonomic furniture will not only entrust comfort to your team, it will also increase their efficacy significantly. Starting with your own business is like starting off with a blank slate, you have a colossal opportunity to embellish your office with quality furniture. However, while budget will always be an issue, smart spending here will really pay off.


Freshly hatched business owners are over enthusiastic about the dream of a paperless office; however the fact is that digital doesn’t cover everything yet. There are several instances where pencil, paper and an old-fashioned stapler are the only way to go. These are the basics for any well-stocked supply cupboard.

Cleaning supplies

You may have outsourced your cleaning chores to a cleaning service that comes in to tidy up each day, however you’ll still want a few things on hand for daily messes and quick clean-ups:

  1. Trash bags
  2. Hand soap
  3. Small Broom Dust
  4. Dish soap
  5. Sponge/dishcloth
  6. Dish rack


So that is all! Our quick essential checklist for stocking up your brand new office! If you open your doors on your first day with all of these small business supplies in house, you’ll be set up for success.

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